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William Reginald Lybbe Powys-Lybbe (1856-1888)

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I have only found one example of my gt-grandfather's bookplate, in a book of mainly newspaper cuttings, probably started while his first wife was alive, say around 1878.

The curious feature of this bookplate was that he gave his name as "Lybbe-Powys". He knew full well that his surname was plain "Powys" as he married both times, in 1875 and in 1880, with that name and later actually changed his name by deed poll from Powys to Powys-Lybbe in 1882.

The arms are given in reverse order to his son's later exemplification by the College of Arms in 1907; they are Powys in quarters one and four and Lybbe in quarters two and three. The reason for this is that his name was Powys so it went in quarter one as the family arms; Lybbe as the principal heiress went in quarter two. His arms were really an achievement combining his family and one quartering. It was only later that his son Reginald got the College of Arms to obtain a Royal Licence to impartibly quarter the Powys and Lybbe arms; and because Lybbe is the last part of the surname, it goes in the first quartering of the new arms.

The blazons for the Powys and Lybbe arms and the crests are included in the design specification for my bookplate (then click on your browser back button to return here).

This bookplate must date from around 1878.

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