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Guy Ferrand Ferrand (1881-1946)

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I have only one copy of my grandfather's bookplate, that in his copy of his grandfather's "Fragments of Bingley History", which I was delighted to be given after administering his daughter-in-law's estate in the 1990s.

He had a slightly curious bookplate with six quarterings on it, but only four distinct arms. I wonder why he did not have them arranged as a simple foursome? There is a possibility that the three Ferrand arms were being shown both as his father's arms and as his heiress great grandmother's arms (Sarah Ferrand who married Currer Busfeild); but this only accounts for two of the Ferrand arms, not the third.

The six arms are:

  1. Argent a cinquefoil gules and on a chief gules two crosses flory vair. (Ferrand)
  2. Gules a two headed eagle or displayed, on a chief enarched ermine a rose gules between two martlets sable. (Atkinson)
  3. Argent on a chevron gules five goutté d'eau between three fleur-de-lys vert with a saltire centrally in chief (Busfeild but these arms are not those of his grandfather's but those granted to a Busfeild uncle in the late 19th century.)
  4. Ferrand.
  5. Azure on a chevron ermine between 3 hedgehogs and in the centre chief point a bundle of reeds erect or, bended vert, three ears of wheat slipped of the last. (Harris grant in 1877)
  6. Ferrand

The bookplate would date from anytime in his adult life, though I suspect not from after his desertion of his wife in c. 1927. The artwork on the mantling is very similar to that on the exemplification of my paternal grandfather's arms in 1907 which might well be a suitable date to centre the bookplate on.

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