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Reginal Cecil Lybbe Powys-Lybbe (1881-1930)

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My grandfather had this unusual bookplate designed for him. I have only found it in a few of his books; perhaps he did not have many printed. I have no idea who designed this bookplate but I have been sufficiently taken with it to use it as a model for the one I am using for my serious books. Nor do I know when he had it made.

He put on this bookplate the heiresses that the Powyses had married plus the royal arms inherited from Julia, the Barrington heiress. From left to right, starting with the top row:

  1. The Powys-Lybbe arms he obtained by royal licence in 1907
  2. The Lybbe arms from the marriage with Isabella in 1730
  3. The Girle arms from the marriage with Caroline in 1762
  4. The Michell arms from the marriage with Louisa in 1790
  5. The Barrington arms from the marriage with Julia in 1817
  6. George duke of Clarence's arms, whose heiress daughter Margaret married Richard Poole around 1486, with a subsequent Poole heiress marrying a Barrington in 1559.
The blazons for the above arms and for the Powys and Lybbe arms crests are included in the design specification for my bookplate (then click on your browser back button to return here).

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