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Name Katharine Clivedon [2, Berkeley art, Vol II, p. 130], [3, Hants of 1530, '75 & 1622-34, pub Harleian 1913, Berkeley p. 56], [5, Vol I, pp. 346-7]
Death 13 Mar 1385
Burial Berkeley Church
General Heir, possibly sole.
Father Sir John Clivedon
Mother Emme
1 Thomas Berkeley Lord Berkeley [7, No 2880, p. 88], [2, Berkeley article, vol II, pp. 129-130], [3, Hants of 1530, '75 &1622-34, pub Harleian 1913, Berkeley p. 56], [9, Berkeley, Glos barony, p. 13], [5, Vol I, pp. 279-361], 7G Grandfather
Birth 1292
Death 27 Oct 1361
Burial Berkeley Church
General 3rd baron. Given custody of Ed II when Ed deposed.
Father Maurice Berkeley Lord Berkeley (1281-1326)
Mother Eva La Zouche (ca1280-1314)
Marriage 30 May 1347, Charfield, Clos. [2, Berkeley art, Vol II, p. 130], [5, Vol I, p. 346]
Children Thomas (Died as Infant) (1348-1349)
Maurice (Died as Child) (1349-ca1355)
Edmond (Died as Child) (1350-<1361)
John (1351-ca1427)
Notes for Katharine Clivedon
m. (1) Sir Piers de Veel, d. 1346, of Tortworth, Glos and they had a daughter Jone who married John Moygne.

She and Thomas had four sons: Thomas, Maurice, Edmond and John.

Her maritagium included the manors of Charfield, Tortworth, Huntingford and Veelham aka Hamveel all in Glos and Plympton, Devon and of Ablington, Alton, Penleigh in Wilts and part of the manors of Netherhame, Hamburell, Berermere and Exton in Smerset.
Notes for Thomas & Katharine (Family)
Smyth in his lives of the Berkeleys says the marriage took place on "tuesday the third of ye Calends of June in the year 1347 in the 21th year of kinge Edward the third, being St Peter's day". Sounds like 29th June, the feast of Sts Peter and Paul, to me.
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