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Name Anne de la Pole [1, Humphrey article, p.188], [2, DelaWarr article, Vol IV, p. 153 & XIV p.243], [5, Vol II, pp.3-4], [2, Lisle article, Vol VIII, pp. 52-3], [38, Suffolk article, p. 441]
Death 30 Mar 1412
General m. (1) Gerard de Lisle, (2) Robert Thorley.
Father Michael de la Pole Earl of Suffolk (ca1330-1389)
1 Gerard de Lisle [2, Lisle article, Vol VIII, pp. 52-3], [5, Vol II, pp.3-4], 8G Uncle
Birth ca 1360
Death bef 30 Nov 1381
General dvp. dsp. Married Anne da. of Sir Michael de la Pole.
Father Warin de Lisle Lord Lisle (ca1330-1382)
Mother Margaret Pipard (-1375)
2 Robert Thorley [1, Humphrey article, p.188], [2, DelaWarr art, Vol IV, p. 139 seq], [5, Vol II, p. 138]
General Of Tybeste, Cornwall
Children Margaret (-1433)
Notes for Anne de la Pole
Both CP and Smyth refer to her father only as Michael de la Pole, "Sir" in CP, "Monsieur" in Smyth, not naming him as the first earl of Suffolk. It is only in Faris' PA that her father is described as earl, and then with no hint of the source; Faris refers to Smyth and CP but neither of these includes this gem. Faris also refers to Nichols' History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester, pub 1795, but I have not had sight of this.
However Burke's Extinct Peerages shows Anne to ahve been the daughter of the first earl. Though Burke in his usual style said the earl was a knight of the garter, which is not as recorded anywhere else.
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