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Name Joan de Ferrers [7, No 11521, p.161], [2, Berkeley article, vol II, pp. 127-8], [5, Vol I, pp. 205-7], [3, Lincolns peds, pub Harleian 1903, Berkeley, p. 127], 9G Grandmother
Birth ca 1248, Derbyshire
Death 19 Mar 1310, Berkeley Castle, Clos
Burial St Augustine's Abbey, Bristol
Father William (III) de Ferrers Earl of Derby (ca1193-1254)
Mother Margaret de Quency (<1223-<1281)
1 Thomas II Berkeley Lord Berkeley [7, No 11520, p.160], [2, Berkeley article, vol II, pp. 127-8], [9, Berkeley, Glos barony, p. 13], [5, Vol I, pp. 153-222], [3, Lincolns peds, pub Harleian 1903, Berkeley, p. 127], 9G Grandfather
Birth 1245, Berkeley Castle, Clos
Death 23 Jul 1321, Berkeley castle, Glos
Burial St Augustine's, Bristol
General Of Berkeley, Glos. 1st baron by writ. Kt: 1 July 1277. Vice-Constable of England.
Father Maurice Berkeley Lord of Berkeley (ca1218-1281)
Mother Isabella FitzRoy (ca1218-1277)
Marriage 1267 [2, Berkeley article, vol II, p. 128], [5, Vol I, p. 205]
Children Maurice (1281-1326)
Thomas (ca1281-<1346)
John (ca1276-ca1316)
James (-1327)
Isabel (-ca1326)
Notes for Joan de Ferrers
She and Thomas had four sons and two daughters who survived to maturity.

Her maritagium was the manor and advowson of Coston, Leics and the manor of Eynesbury, Hunts.

Occasionally she sealed land transactions herself with her own seal.
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