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The 64 Quarterings of Reginald Cecil Lybbe Powys-Lybbe

Our grandfather (I have four surviving siblings) was known to be a genealogical and heraldric enthusiast. At the age of 26 in 1907 he had his coat of arms regranted by the College to reflect the change of name of his grandfather in 1862, by Royal Licence. At the age of 46, around 1927, he obtained a signed achievement of 64 quarterings at the hand of the then Clarenceux king of arms. The papers he left behind him at his death three years later show a consistent interest in these matters. The achievement has been particularly valued by many of his descendants.

Around 1997 my father thought all this needed some underpinning and asked the College to provide a pedigree of the descents from all the armigers in the achievement. He got in return not only the pedigree but also the internal references for all the coats of arms in the records of the College. He made copies at least for my brother Martin and I and I can provide copies for anyone who is interested.

The principal feature of the 64 quarters is that, after the P-L, Powys and Lybbe arms, all of the rest came from the marriage of Henry Philip Powys with Julia Barrington, one of 5 co-heirs of the last Barrington baronet whose family descent was already said around 1620 to be "enough to fill even 'T'insatiate vastnesse of an Heraults tongue'".

This started me off on a long journey to elaborate on and to rationalise these 64 Quarterings. Here's what I slowly managed to put together:

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