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Quarterings section completely rewritten in August 2012

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  • The Powys-Lybbe arms, granted by Royal Licence in 1907

  • The P-L quarterings of arms, 64 of 1927 and 208 of 2012, radically updated in August 2012

  • An armorial pedigree of our (remote) Gartered ancestors. New in June 2015

  • The 1663 heraldic visitation of Thomas Powys of Henley, Shropshire

  • The earliest mentions of the Lybbe arms, in the heraldic visitations of Oxon

  • The stamp for the arms on Caroline Powys' diaries. New in Octobber 2015

  • Trotter heraldry and the Powys-Lybbe involvement with this. New in September 2015

  • The Quarterings of Warwick the Kinghmaker

  • Is there an attainder on our Poole ancestors, preventing the inheritance of quartered arms?

  • Is there such a thing as Family Arms?

  • Features of Heraldic Provinces. New in July 2012

  • Arms of Magna Carta Sureties = Enforcers. New in April 2013
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    The arms on this page are:
    from 1907
    Trotter modern,
    from 1868
    from c. 1660
    Trotter ancient,
    from 1803
    before 1574
    from 1865
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