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Name Sir John Borlace [23, Warren, p.554], [8, Grandfather, John Baldwin's article], [24, pp.108-111], [3, Herts, 1572 & 1634, pub by Harleian in 1886, p. 151], [3, Oxford of 1669 and 1675, pub by Harleian Soc, 1993, p. 102], [22, Shobington, Vol I, p. 451], [8, His grandson, George Tipping's article], [25, Funeral certificate, p. 40], [3, Bucks, pub Harleian 1909, on Burlacy, p. 20], [3, Berks of 1623, pub Harleian 1907, ed W Harry Rylands, p. 133], [3, Berks of 1623, pub Harleian 1907, ed W Harry Rylands, p. 173]
Death 6 May 1593, London
Burial 17 May 1593, Little Marlow, Bucks
General Of Little Marlow, Bucks. MP: 1586; Sheriff of Bucks: 1567 & 1588.
Children Joyce
Notes for Sir John Borlace
In "The History of the Family of Borlase" by "W.C.B." pub 1888 by William Pollard & Co of Exeter and George Bell & sons of London, there is this funeral account, taken from the College of Arms:

"Johne Borlas of Little Marlowe in Com. Bucks, esquier, maried Anne, 3 d. and on of theirs of Sr Robart Litton of Knepworth in Com. Hartford, knight, and he her hath ysue now levinge, -- Willm borlas hys onlye son and heir, and six doughters, viz, Anne 1o, Eliaabeth 2, jane 3, dorothy 4, Joyce 5. Ellen, 6 doughter. Wyllm borlas aforesaid maried marie d. to Nicholas Backhouse of London, Alderman, and hath, ysue Johne 10, Wyllm 2. Henrie 3 sone. Anne 1o d. maried to Eusabye Isham of Pichley in Com. Northamp. esq. Elizabeth 2 d., maried to Samuel Backhouse of Swallowfield in Com. barkes, esq, Jane 3 d. maried to Anthony blackgrove of Sonnynge in Com. barkes, gent. Dorothy 4 d. maried to gorge Typpynge of Whitfiled in Com. Oxon, gent. Joyce 5 d. maried to Richard Codrington of Poclechurch in Com. Glouc., esquier. Ellen 6 d. not yet maried. The aforenamed John Borlas departed thys lyfe at London the 6 daye of maye and was thence conveyed to hys maner howse of danvers in marlowe aforesaid, and in the Parishe Church ther was worshipfullye buried the vi day of May aforesaid, ao.di. 1593; at which buriall Wyllm burlas hys sone and heir was Chief morn. and soole executore, Eusebye Isham was Samuell backhouse, assistances; hys pennon of Armes borne by Wyllm borlas, his brother, the helme and crest borne by blew mantle, pursuivant of Armes, his coote of Armes borne by Richard Lee, Richmond herault, deputye for Clarencieulx Kinge of Armes, by whom the wholl Servyce was fynished. In witness wherefo we have sett hear unto oure handes the daye and yeare above said.
(Signed Willim Borlas. Sa. Backhouse.
Eusebye Isham. Ri. Codrington.
Arms Blazon
Ermine on a bend sable two hands issuing at the elbows from as many clouds propers rending a horse-shoe or.
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