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Trotter Quartering Powys-Lybbe

The obvious way to quarter the Powys-Lybbe arms by Trotter is to have a simple shield of four quarters, 1. Lybbe, 2. Powys, 3. Trotter, 4. Brown. But this would be wrong on account of the fact that both the P-L and the Trotter arms are impartibly quartered, each having had this done by Royal Licence; this means that they cannot be taken apart: P-L must be shown with precisely its four quarters and Trotter with precisely its four quarters as well.

So this newly discovered quartering can only be displayed as one humungeous display of, apparently, sixteen quarterings though it is in fact a mere four:

PL_Trotter_sm.jpg - 32Kb

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Of course if Powys-Lybbe and Trotter are included as part of a scheme of many more quarterings, each need only appear the once.