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Nevilles from the Conquest

from the Visitation of Yorkshire made in 1563-4, page 221

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  • The continuous male line descent for three generations at the top of this page is false. Delete Alan, and Geoffrey; replace with Isabella, dau and eventual heir of Geoffrey Neville and Emma Bulmer; Isabella married Robert son of Maldred, Lord of Raby, and had Geoffrey as their eldest son, whose wife was Joan.
  • Delete the first four generations of the Raby line: Syward, Octredus, Raff and Gospatricke; insert Maldred as the father of Octredus or Uchtred.
  • Ida, not Isabel, the wife of Robert Neville, son of Geoffrey and Joan, was the widow of Roger Bertram, not his daughter. In any case she was not the mother of Robert, that was an unnamed first wife.
  • The father of Rybald of Middleham was Eudo, count of Brittany and Rybald was illegitmate. His line then went: Ralph, Ralph, Robert, Ralph, Ralph and Mary who married Robert Neville son of Robert and N.N.
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