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To get stuck in, just click on the "Home Card" above; it will lead you quickly back through time.

Or if you have a name to follow up, click on Index or Surnames. You may find it easier if you choose Surnames.

The genealogy is in two displays; from the surname you first get to the family display. Once there, click on the central names and you'll get to the full details display, the Person Sheet.
You'll have to click on your Back button to get back to the family display, though.

Click on Sources to see the file of References, then save it to your machine.
It's around 24k and it may be quicker to look it up locally on your machine rather than downloading it for every reference. Or even, if you want to follow up the sources, you may find it best to print it out.

Tim Powys-Lybbe
28th June 2004

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