RISC OS - A Nicer Operating System

I've been using RISC OS since it first came out in the later 1980s when it was called Arthur.

Now it's in version 5 for RISC-based microcomputers and version 4 for Wintel machines.

And the whole of this site is designed with the nice, easy-to-use RISC OS programs.

Here's two offerings:

And here are two programs done by others, both here with their permission:

  • GedText version 1.08 - Rob Hemmings's utility, GedText, to make a text report on a person from a GEDCOM genealogy file. Rob's program is particularly intended for use with the Freeware !Family application which works directly off a GEDCOM file to make simple pedigree charts.

  • Ping of 1997 - Tim Howarth's Ping program, a front end to whatever Ping command is on your machine.