Here's a little program for RISCOS

I have used this for years now to automatically cause a backup of data files to floppy disk after using an application, such as word processor or spreadsheet.

To use it requires a little knowledge of RISCOS command files as a command has to be inserted into the !Run file. It has occurred to me in the last year that this could be automated but I have no need and it really is not difficult in RISCOS. Further I reckon it would take a week or so to get right, causing a strong positive lazy feeling to come over me.

As a plug for this nice operating system, I have little idea how to do that sort of change within DOS/Win 3.1/95/98, much as I used machines so equipped every day at work. And I worked in a computer department!

Download it here. It's only 15k. Instructions in the !Help file.

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