Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
Powys-Lybbe Forbears - Person Sheet
GeneralA captain in Cromwell's army. In conquest of Jamaica in 1655.
Notes for Captain William Ricketts
He was born with the name Ricards.

In his will he lists his sons in the order Jacob, William, John, George and Benjamin and I presume that was their order of birth.

He was living in the parish of St Elizabeth, Jamaica, at the time of writing his will in 1699 and died there, according to the Admon of 27th April 1700.

He is not in the list of New Model Army Officers of 1645.
Will notes for Captain William Ricketts
Will of William Ricketts (c1633 - 1700),  Dated 8 March 1690, proved 27th April 1700, oaths administered on 3rd June 1700.  And in the margin it also says "Recorded 21st Feb 1700".

… I William Ricketts of the Parish of St Elizabeth …  do make and ordain my last will and testament …  I bequeath and dispose as follows Viz:

To my loving wife Mary Ricketts one third part of the profits of my whole estate during her natural life and that in full ... or claim to any Dower by Law.  

Item I gave and bequeath unto my two Daughters Violetta and Rachell Ricketts each two hundred and fifty pounds to be paid them severally on the days of marriage by the person or persons in whom shall happen then to be the possession of my estate and if it should happen that either of my daughters  should die before marriage then it is my will that the surviving sister should as her portion receive five hundred pounds to be paid her out of my estate at the day of marriage as aforesaid and that they till the day of marriage be maintained out of the Profitts  of the estate.

Item I give and bequeath unto Mary Lutman(?) the sum of twenty pounds current money of this island and to Robert George William and Elizabeth Luttman each six Heifers and unto my Kinsman Thomas R-nis I give six Heifers and a Negro man to be purchased for him within twelve months after my decease.

Item I give and bequeath unto the child of my Kinswoman Sarah Lowe by name Sarah forty pounds Currt money to be paid her out of my estate if she lives to the age of sixteen years.

Item all my estate real and personal except as before excepted  I give and bequeath unto my five sons Viz: Jacob, William, John, George and Benjamin Ricketts to be divided equally amongst them and remain to them and each of them … and each of their heirs for ever and as it shall please God to take them out of this world if any of them dye without Lawful issue that then Dower only excepted the estate of the dead shall be equally divided amongst the surviving brethren, their heirs etc.

Item I do hereby nominate, ordain cosectitate [?] and appoint my beloved wife Mary Ricketts Executrix of this my last will and testament and that she shall be sole Guardian of my Children during their several minorities and live upon and manage the whole estate so long as she continues a widow but in case she marries then I request my trusty friends Michael [Holdsworth?] and Mr Thomas [Greles?] to take upon them the wardship of my younger children and management of my estate as aforesaid in testimony of which and all other thing herein contained I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 8th day of March 1699/10.
                    William Ricketts (X)
The Written Will was signed sealed published and decalred in the presence
Michael Holdsworth   John Chambers
Thomas Greles   Evan Evans
      June the 3rd 1700

By Virtue of a powere hereunto annexed I have administered Oaths to Thomas Greles John Chambers and Evan Evans who swore by the Holy Evangelists that the did see the within named William Ricketts do put seal and publish this instrument as his last will and Testament.
    Odorado Lewis (X)

Pearl J Smith

Pearl J Smith then testified that this was a true copy of the foregoing in the records of the Island Record Office, Spanish Town, Jamaica, Thirteenth of January 1977 (for which 45 cents was paid for stamping).

There is also a transcript by New York Historical Society in their vol 27 for 1894, pp. 188-9.
Arms Generally notes for Captain William Ricketts
Arms: A chevron between three cinquefoils

Crest: A man's head couped at the shoulders.
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