Deathca 1519
BurialIn the Inn of HVIII "The Savoy" nr London
GeneralOf Ewell, Surrey. Owner of Bataille Manor
FatherWilliam Saunder (ca1415-1481)
MotherJoan Carew (ca1417-1470)
 Margaret (->1519)
 William (-ca1571)
Notes for Henry Saunders
We have a transcript of his 1518 will listing his brother Richard and sister Joan...

(Latin) Prerogative Court of Canterbury Ayloffe 15

Abstract of the Will of HENRY SAUNDER
of Ewell, co Surrey, gent.,

Dated 1 Sept. 1518 Proved 23 Feb. 1518[-9]

I give my body to be huried in the Inn [sic, hospicio] of Lord Henry VII, late King of England called The Savoye near London.
To the master of the said Hospital I bequeath 40s., and to each chaplain there, 6s 8d.
To two men carrying my body thither from Ewell to be buried, having two torches burning in their hands, 4s. beyond their expenses.
To each priest present at my exequies at the church of Ewell, 14d.
To every poor person so present 4d.
To the high altar of the mother church of Winchester 2s.
To the high altar of Ewell for tithes forgotten 40d.
To the said church for buying necessary things 10 marks.
To the high altar of St. Mary Overey in Southwark 40d.
To the church of St Mary Magdalene in Southward 40d.
All my goods and chattels I give to my wife JOAN, except a cross of gold and debts due to me, which NICHOLAS SAUNDER of Charlwode get., son of my brother RICHARD SAUNDER, gent, shall receive, and my two best gowns which I give to my son WILLIAM.
I make the said JOAN, master WILLIAM HOLGILL clerk, RALPH LEPTON clerk and the said NICHOLAS SAUNDER my executors and the Lord RICHARD, Bishop of Winchester my overseer.

JOHN DROMYNG curate of St Mary Magdalene aforesaid
WILLIAM SAUNDER, son of the testator

This is my last will as regards my manors and lands: I will that JOHN NUDEGATE, sergeant-at-law, WILLIAM HOLGILL, clerk, THOMAS CANDISH & JOPHN PETT, gent., my feoffees of my manor of Batalles with the water-mill in Ewell, and lands in Ebsham and Chessended shall stand seized thereof to the use of my wife JOAN for her life; then (excepting the capial messuage, and the lands which do nto belong to the manor) to the use of JOAN, wife of my son NICHOLAS, for her life; then in talil male successively to the use of my son WILLIAM, my ELDER son NICHOLAS, HENRY, son fo the aforesaid NICHOLAS SAUNDER of Charlwode, RICHARD, brother of the said HENRY, THOMAS their 3eldest brother, and WILLIAM another son of my said brother RICHARD. If heirs male fail, then the manor shall be sold and the money thereof divided equally between the churches of Ewell and Charlewode.
I will that Sir RICHARD CAREWE, NICHOLAS CAREWE, esq., WILLIAM HOLGILL & RALPH LEPTON, clerks, THOMAS LISLE, gent., NICHOLA SAUNDER of Charlewode aforesaid, JOHN SKYNNER, THOMAS POLSTED, JAMES SKYNNER gents., and RICHARD BRAY my feoffees of my manor of Pendell, with lands etc. in Blechinglegh and Nutfeld, and of my inn called The Three Crowns in the parish of St Margaret in Southwark, and of my lands in Charlewode, Nudegate and Ocley, shall permit my nephew NICHOLAS SAUNDER toi have the government thereof, and out of the profits he shall pay annuities to JOAN HUNTERSTON of London, widow, my sister, for her life; to THOMAS WADE, my chaplain, clerk, who shall have his dwelling in my capital messuage, for 10 years; to my son WILLLIAM; and portions for my daughters AGNES (on her marriage with RICHARD KEYS, son of THOMAS KEYS of Estgrenewiche, Kent, gent.) and MARGARET SAUNDERR (at her age of 21) also for his own daughter Margaret at 21, and for URSULA, JOAN and JOSIA, daughters of my son NICHOLAS.
After these sums are paid and provided my feoffees shall hold the said manor etc. to the use of my son WILLIAM and the others in tail male successively as above.

Proved 23 February 1518[-9] by NICHOLAS SAUNDER with power reserved etc.
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