NameRobert III de Vitré Seigneur de Vitré [62, Salisbury article, Vol XI, p.378], [118, His father, Robert de Vitriaco, p. 771], 23G Grandfather
Notes for Robert III de Vitré Seigneur de Vitré
In Keats-Rohan's DD, p. 771, there is a Robert (III) de Vitré, d. 1173, who was the son of Robert II de Vitré, d. c. 1155, who was the son of André I de Vitré, a Domesday tenant in Cornwall and seigneur of Vitré, dept Ill-et-Vilaine (DP, p. 151). I wonder if this Robert is any connection with these Bretons?

In June 2004, John Ravilous posted on gen med that this Robert was (III) and d. c. 1184 and his father, (II) d. c. 1161 and that his mother was Emma de la Guerche.

Nov 2004, TFPL: In EYC, VI, p. 21, it says that he, as father of Eleanor, also had a son Andrew de Vitré who in 1177 gave land to William Paynel, husband of his sister Eleanor de Vitré. So this Robert de Vitré must have died before 1177.

Leo van de Pas's site, referring to ES XIV, 136 had this Robert dying c. 11 Nov 1173 and with parents Robert II and Emma and children André, Eleanor and Alain.. Ths death date for Robert III ties in with the above entry in K-R's DD, so gives some jsutificaiton for assuming this ancestry, now entered...
Arms Generally notes for Robert III de Vitré Seigneur de Vitré
Andrew’s arms are shown on the Early Blazon site: Gules a lion rampant argent.

Source “Seals of Brittany” after Dom Morice.
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