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Inhabitants of Warsop Parish

by Richard J King, published 1884

In 1884 Richard King, lately curate of Warsop parish in Notts, made a study of the parish registers in relation to what else he could find about the people therein and recounted this in a little book.

In this book there are two separate mentions of Hallifaxes, first a family that appears to have been settled there in the late seventeenth century and second Samuel Hallifax, rector of Warsop and later bishop of Gloucester and then St Asaph.

The settled family raises some intriguing questions about how long the Hallifaxes had been in that general area. The bishop is given the old canard that his grandfather was the one that changed his name from Waterhouse; as yet I have found no evidence that this could be true and certainly the bishop's brother, Robert, did not think it true when he signed the pedigree for the herald in 1788 as he said it was his gt-gt-grandfather that had changed his name. Further of course, the above John Hallifax was living there with that name before 1696, though King reported that he could find no connection between the bishop, born not far away in Mansfield, and this local family.

Beware that the following extracts from R J King's book are large files: