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Transcript of Hallifax pedigree in Suffolk Record Office


Richard Waterhouse of Hallifax Esq had
John born 1468 Who married Agnes daughter of
John Rishworth of Coley Hall Esqr. By whom
he had Robert born 1490.

Who married Sibil daughter and Coheiress of Richard
Wilkinson Esqr of Bradford by whom he had 1st John
called John of Hallifax born 1523. 2nd George born
1525 called George of Harthill. 3rd Gregory born
1528 called Gregor of Syddal

John of Hallifax the Eldest married Jane daughter
and heiress of Thomas Bosseville of Conysbury Esqr
by whom he had first Robert born 1551 called Robert
of Hallifax. second Thomas born 1555 called
Thomas of Brathwell. thirdly Philip Waterhouse
born 1557. He had four other Sons and four

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Robert of Hallifax Son of the above John first married
Jane daughter of Thomas Waterton of Walton Hall Esqr
by whom he had Edmond born 1580 and Jane
born 1583 both died in their Infancy.

Secondly he married Sibil daughter and heiress of
Robert Savil Esqr of Hullenedge and with her he had the
Manor Or Lordship and had by her two Sons John
born 1593 and Robert born 1597.

Robert the second Son of the above Robert was Educated
at University College Oxford, Inducted into the
Vicarage of Springthorp in Lincolnshire 1621.

Married Margaret daughter of Thomas Benson of
Bingley Esqr and had by her two daughters and one
Son Jane born 1623, Margaret born 1625 and
Thomas born 1626. The said Robert Waterhouse
Hallifax suffered much in his fortune for his Loyalty
in the great rebellion by Decimation and his
Benefice being sequestered for his faithful adhering to his
Majesty and the Justice of his Cause.

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Thomas his only Son dropt the Addition or Name
of Waterhouse and this Branch of the Family used the
Name of Hallifax only. He was made one of his
Majesty's Justices of the Peace 1660 in the 12th year
of King Charles the second.

He married Anne the daughter of John Askew Esqr
of Kelcey 1653 and had by her three Sons. First
William born 1655. Second Thomas born 1658
and third Robert born 1662. William the eldest
was educated at C.C.C. Oxford M A Feby 22nd
1678 B D Nov 24th 1687 and D D by Dipl
July 2nd 1695.

He travelled into Syria Palestine and Egypt wrote the
History of his Travels in *Latin which if published
would make 4 vols in Octavo. He had the Living of
Old Swinford in Worcestershire was in the Commission
of the Peace for the County and Chaplain to K. William
the third.

*The manuscript is in the possession of Doctr
Davenport, nephew to his Widow.

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Thomas the second son of the aforesaid Thomas of
Springthorpe was educated at Braz. Nose College
Oxford M. A. July 7th 1686 and had the Living
Springthorpe. He married Elizabeth daughter of
Thomas Fulbech Esqr of great Coningham 1687.
By whom he had three sons and one Daughter -
Thomas born 1688, Elizabeth born 1690, John
born 1694 and William born 1696.

Robert the third son of Thomas Hallifax Esqr born
1662 was Grandfather to the Right Reverend
Samuel Hallifax D. D. the present Bishop of

The Rev Thomas Hallifax M. A. Vicar of this Parish 25
years. Died May 7th 1711. Aged 53 *
Thomas Hallifax Esqr Son of the above Thomas & Elizabeth
Hallifax Died September 29th 1738 aged 50.

* Interred in the Chancel of the Church
of Springthorp in Lincolnshire
with many others of the family.

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The above was extracted from Ancient Deeds, Family
Papers and Monuments in the Parish Church of
Springthorp in the County of Lincoln.

See more of this family in the Harleian Collection of
M.S. now in the British Museum called the Visitation
of Yorkshire by Robert Glover Esqr Somerset
Herald in the year 1584. No 1394.

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