Have you seen any of these stolen goods?

I think the first burglary was in the 1970s when my father wrote me a sad letter blaming himself for losing items that had been in the family for hundreds (some of them, anyway) of years. There were a further three burglaries and after the last he took fright for his safety and sold the house in an indecent hurry, moving to a safer environment. In all he reckoned that 35 pictures had been stolen, plus one or two items of furniture, one of which thankfully was later recovered.

After he died and when I was clearing all his possessions I found in the bottom of a small cardboard box a reel of 35 mm film. I soon recognised some of the images as belonging to items lost on the first burglary; I do not know who took the pictures, possibly Tony Griffin who restores them, possibly our aunt Ursula, father's sister who was a noted photographer or possibly a sibling. If anyone recognises their work, please let me know. Anyhow here are some thumbnails that lead to larger versions and additionally I have full scale copies of the film back here. In addition I am hosting copies of two pictures that were stolen from Titchmarsh church, of a Littleton and Penelope Powys (I think).