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The original of this photo has been, and remains, in the hands of the Powys-Lybbe family, probably ever since it was printed and the text shows that this was soon after the event on the sixth of July 1674.

Close examination shows that the original is a thin printed sheet stuck on a backing card. The printed sheet now looks very fragile and it was already damaged when framed. The margins and some of the text have crumbled away. The missing text has been replaced by handwriting, with what accuracy to the original we do not know.

If anyone else has a copy of the original printed sheet, please compare the text with the above and let me know what errors were made by the scrivener.

I considered the original to be too fragile to remove from its frame, so I took the photo through the glazing. Inevitably this reduces the quality of the image so I can only regret that but considered There Is No Alternative!

The list of fatalities is very short and must be woefully incomplete. The published transcription of the Goring Burial Register has no mention of the tragedy. It is just possible that the original register has some note of this event, but I do not have access to any filmed copies. Is there a memorial anywhere to all the victims?

I have found reference to a six page account of the tragedy: "Sad and deplorable news from Oxfordsheir & Barksheir" printed for R Vaughan in the Little-old-Baily, of which a copy is held at the British Museum. This may well provide the desired information.

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