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Priestley Genealogy from some Deeds

Mary Elizabeth Priestley (1812-1894) married Johnson Atkinson Busfeild (1814-1882) in 1832; they were the parents of William Ferrand who changed his name from Busfeild to inherit the Ferrand estates in 1890 and was my great-grandfather. Mary Elizabeth's father was Capt John Priestley, adjutant of the local Bradford militia. John Priestley's father was Joseph Priestley, for almost 50 years superintendant of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company through its setting up, construction and operation. His ancestry was not clear; a local researcher had found some of it out for me but the documentary evidence was not solid.

Then I found that there were four pages on this in Johnson Atkinson Busfeild's source document collection currently in the hands of a Ferrand cousin. Johnson Atkinson was a lawyer by profession so had no difficulty making sense of the sometimes tortuous deeds of that period. He had made a collection of deeds of his wife's family's property and put a transcript in his master source book. I was delighted to find both this and the fact that it corroborated and extended the information provided by the researcher.

Here's the various information: