The back of the portrait of Maria Churchill

Maria_Churchill_back.jpg - 412Kb

As you can see there are four labels on the back:

  • 1. "Maria Churchill", by an unknown hand though similar to MHT's below
  • 2. "Mrs Watt née Maria Chuchill My Geat Grandmother M.H.T"
    'M.H.T.' was Mary Hodson Trotter née Gillett, whose mother was Eliza Gillett née Coster and who was daughter of Maria Coster née Watt, which Maria Watt was the daughter of Maria Watt née Churchill. (Fuller details of the descent are in the pedigree to be found later.)

  • 3. and 4. are both "A.M.G.T", possibly in different hands, and being Arthur Malcolm Gillett Trotter, the youngest and last surviving of MHT's children.
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