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Emily Harris' Quaker Ancestors

Emily Harris was a much-loved great-grandmother of mine. She died a poignant death a few days after the birth of her third child, my grandfather. Her father-in-law wrote a lengthy and sad account of this and incorporating the memorable words that she was someone who never gave offence in her life save by her unfortunate death.

While she was not a Quaker herself, or not for long, both her her parents had been brought up Quakers and, once I had overcome the misinformation placed by the eminent genealogist Harold Atkinson FSG, I soon stormed into the Quaker digest records and was able to document six generations prior to Emily almost all of whom had been Quakers. This merely shows how close-knit societies tend to interbreed.

Click here for Emily's ancestors - 159 Kbytes.

And here's a 1254 Kbytes PDF file to give to a print shop if you should want to print onto A2 sized paper.