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12 Generations of Powys

Not unnaturally, with genealogy being a family hobby for the best part of 200 years, we know rather more about our Powys ancestors than about other lines. The exception to this is the Bartholomews, whose Sarah Ann was my grandfather's mother. I have managed to find the marriage in Scotland of Sarah's grandparents, but no more information about these two whatsoever.

The compensation for this lack of knowledge is particularly in the Barringtons, of whom the last was my grandfather's great grandmother. We know of almost every ancestor of Julia Barrington for the previous eight generations. The same is true for Philip Lybbe Powys, the son of Philip Powys and Isabella Lybbe, unusual in that neither family is significantly documented in the middle ages.

The upshot is that it only took 12 generations to get the number of ancestors above 300 which will just about fit into two pages of A2 paper.

Click here for the pedigree - 498 Kbytes.

And here's a 1.2 Mbytes PDF file to give to a print shop if you should want to print onto A2 sized paper.