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Pedigrees from my genealogy database

I originally started to use a computer for genealogy as I wanted to make presentable pedigrees. I chose the program to do this on the ground that it did the best pedigrees and other genealogy charts. I've made loads of charts over the years but never thought of putting them on my web site.

The problem with charts is that they take up a lot of space and in the days of dial-up links this was bad news, everything would slow down to a crawl if these files were coming down the wire. This cost the receiver lots of money in the extended phone calls to receive them. Two things have changed since then. First there is broadband which makes things so fast and you don't pay for the length of the phone call. Second you can put the files on a computer at home and their size doesn't break whatever storage limit you have on your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

So here's some pedigrees I have done on interesting parts of our ancestry:

And for Emily Harris, I have added an account by my gt-gt-grandfather, her father-in-law, of her harrowing death and the birth of her second son, Guy, grandfather to some 12 of us. And now for straight genealogies of my mother, my paternal grandmother and then my paternal grandfather:

Obviously the source references and other details on these people are not on these charts. Instead please go to the main reference section.