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Ferrands of St Ives, Bingley

My first encounter with genealogy was when a favourite cousin of mine produced a simple family tree to show that our mothers' Ferrand forbears were not really Ferrand but Busfeild and further weren't even that but Atkinson. He remained high in my estimation for ever after.

Since then I have been given a copy of our gt-gt-grandfather Busfeild's magnificent family history, was lent a copy of "Baynes of Nidderdale", found a rather threadbare Hallifax pedigree in my maternal grandmother's hand, was shown Burke on the Hamiltons and actually did some reasearch on our Quaker forebears and participated in some on our Priestley canal-building ancestors.

Click here for the resulting pedigree - 457 Kbytes.

And here's a 804 Kbytes PDF file to give to a print shop if you should want to print onto A2 sized paper.