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Trotters of Kettleshiel

The Trotters of Kettleshiel, Berwicks, Scotland are in the ancestry of the duchess of Cornwall and nos 456 and 457 are in my ancestry as well. A bit of a problem is that Margaret Ainslie is put in Ahnentafel number 1831 and I have established that this should be Margaret Cockburn. For the reasoning on this, please see the Notes in the Person Sheet for John Gilmour (1619-1671) on my main database.

Having established this descent from the Cockburns of Langton, Berwicks, Scotland, it opened up a cornucopia of well documented ancestry. This can be seen on this pedigree:

Click here for the Trotter pedigree - 429 Kbytes.

This pedigree is more up-to-date than my on-line database but the latter only gets updated every three months as it takes a couple of days to do it each time.

And here's a 178 Kbytes PDF file to give to a print shop if you should want to print onto A2 sized paper.