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Lathams of Dover

The Lathams of Dover were a family who flourished in the eighteenth century and collapsed and died out late in the nineteenth century. Lorraine Sencicle has written a very interesting book about the banking practices of the two families of Bankers in Dover, the Lathams and the Minets.

In her book she includes that they came from Lewes in Sussex, not many miles away; in turn she seems to have found this in an earlier Book "The Annals of Dover" by J Barrington Jones. However I have searched for any evidence to link the undoubted Lathams in Lewes in the 17th century with those of Dover in the 18th century. I cannot find any evidence in the parish registers. Accordingly my genealogy of these Lathams goes back no further than the run of Samuel Lathams in the early eighteenth century. If there is no evidence, there is no genealogy.

But what I have done is prepare some charts of the Latham family:

The last, the connection, is through Harriet Latham's daughter, another Harriet but surnamed Thomson, who married a Hallifax, of a family of clergymen and servicemen and who had some rather curious cousins.