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The Writings of Elizabeth Merrick

Elizabeth Merrick was the third and youngest daughter of Richard Lybbe, the founder of Goring almhouses, and Sophia Tipping. She was born around April 1680 and died on 28th April 1764 having married Dr John Merrick of Reading. She had three sons and one daughter; none of the sons married, her daughter did but had no children, so Elizabeth has no descendants.

However some writings of hers have survived and are in the Record Office at Northampton. They include (be aware that the files are large):

The importance of the first of these is that it makes her the first known genealogist amongst our Powys and Lybbe forbears.

Elizabeth Tipping was born Elizabeth Beconshaw and had for her elder sister Alice who married John Lisle and was condemned and then executed by hanging Judge Jeffries for treason.

The paper these were written is somewhat discoloured and fragile. I was fortunate in being allowed to photograph them.