The first of the Genealogical Volumes of the Victoria County History of England

In 1906 the first Genealogical Volume of the VCH series was publised, for Northamptonshire.

It was composed of the freshly researched pedigrees of families that had had freehold estates in the county since 1760 and which estates consisted of land plus a significant residence. For Northamptonshire this brought in nineteen families and this included the somewhat new family of Powys who had only bought their patch in 1711.

The genealogy was to be done by fresh research and was mostly confined to obtaining copies of wills. Fanciful family stories were not to be included, all entries must be documented by sensible historical documents.

However this particular pursuit of County history did not find full favour and following this volume the Hertfordshire one was the last of this series. But the research was good and is the only documented account of the Senior Branch of the Powyses who came from Ludlow in Shropshire. I am now going to attempt to provide a researched documentation of all descendants of the eldest son of Thomas Powys, solicitor-general, attorney-general and, for a while, a high court judge. It is meet that this earlier work is made available to provide a standard of comparison with whatever I may produce.

The images of the pages are large, around 5 MBytes each for the 17 pages and the combination into the one chapter comes in a file of a whopping 80 MBytes. They may be downloaded by either means, whatever suits your line speed and interests. If you print these pages, they will be more legible on A3 sized paper.

There is also a chart, but this is going to take some time to get into a usable format as the original was of around A2 size and condsiderably larger than my scanner.

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