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Nancy Pethick's Hallifax Descendant Gharts

Diana Pethick has passed on to me her mother's Hallifax descendant charts. We are not sure who wrote them. Certainly most of the first three generations are in one hand. Generations subsequent to this are in two or more hands. We think that some of it may be in Diana and my grandmother's hand, that of Muriel Ferrand née Hallifax.

The original entries were made around 1910, judging by the last dates in the original hand. Subsequent entries were made up to 1942, judging from the descandants who were omitted. It is this last that gives another possibility to a contributor, that the later entries were made by my gt- grandmother, Charlotte Annie Hallifax, née Hamilton, who died in late 1943. I can just remember her bedridden and very old in The Old House, Bradfield where we lived for the last year or so of WW2, the house being that of her eldest daughter and our maternal grandmother, Muriel Ferrand.

How the charts got to Nancy Pethick, née Ferrand, I do not know. All we know for certain is that Diana secured them after her mother died and gave them to me to examine in 2013.

I use the word 'charts' because while the master chart is around four feet wide and 6 or seven inches high, there is additionally a single small sheet containing a chart of eleven people. Diana and I eventually realised that this bolted on to the main chart on the fifth page as there was not enough room.

I have taken photographs of the two charts:

And here is a critique of the entries on the Main chart. The entries on the Eustace Hallifax chart have minor problems with three of the grandchildren's birth dates but I cannot check these adequately as they were born abroad.