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89 Executed Relations in order of their death date

Name+Title Relationship Death Date Death Place
Nigel Bruce 21G Uncle 1306 Executed at Berwick by Edward's order
John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl 2C21R 7 Nov 1306 Executed in London
Alexander Bruce 21G Uncle 1307 Executed at Carlisle by Edward's order
Thomas Bruce 21G Uncle 1307 Executed at Carlisle by Edward's order
Herbert Morham 21G Uncle 7 Sep 1307 Executed in the Tower
Sir William FitzWilliam 20G Uncle 22 Mar 1322 Hanged at Pontefract
Thomas of Lancaster, Earl of Lancaster 21G Uncle 22 Mar 1322 Beheaded outside Pontefract
Sir Roger de Clifford, Lord Clifford 19G Uncle 23 Mar 1322 Executed at York
Henry Tyeys, Lord Tyeys 23G Uncle 3 Apr 1322 Executed at the Tower
John Giffard, Lord Giffard Half 21G Uncle 1 May 1322 Executed in Gloucester after battle of Boroughbridge
Sir Simon Burley, KG 18G Uncle 5 May 1388 Beheaded on Tower Hill, London
William Scrope, Earl of Wiltshire 19G Uncle 29 Jul 1399 Beheaded at Bristol
Thomas de Holand, Earl of Kent 18G Uncle 7 Jan 1400 Beheaded at Cirencester by people there.
John de Holand, Duke of Exeter 19G Uncle 10 Jan 1400 Pleshey Castle, Essex
Rt Rev Richard Scrope, Archbishop of York 19G Uncle 1405 Executed at York
Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Norfolk 17G Uncle 8 Jun 1405 Executed
Sir Thomas Gray 18G Uncle 3 Aug 1415 Executed at North Gate of Southampton
Sir Henry Scrope, Lord Scrope of Masham 18G Uncle 5 Aug 1415 Executed at Southampton
Murdoch Stewart, Duke of Albany 18G Uncle 25 May 1425 Executed at Stirling castle
Walter, Earl of Atholl 18G Uncle 26 Mar 1437 Executed at Edinburgh
William Douglas, Earl of Douglas 2C16R 24 Nov 1440 Beheaded in Edinburgh Castle
William Bonville, Lord Bonville 5C18R 18 Feb 1461 Beheaded after battle of St Albans
Thomas Courtenay, Earl of Devon 1C17R 3 Apr 1461 Beheaded at York after battle of Towton
James Butler, Earl of Ormond 1C17R 1 May 1461 Beheaded at Cockermouth aft battle of Towton
Thomas Grey, Lord Richemont Grey 2C16R 1 Nov 1461 Executed
Aubrey de Vere 2C16R 20 Feb 1462 Beheaded at Tower Hill, London
John de Vere, Earl of Oxford 1C17R 26 Feb 1462 Beheaded at Tower Hill
Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset 1C17R 15 May 1464 Beheaded after battle of Hexham
Robert Hungerford, Lord Hungerford 17G Uncle 18 May 1464 Beheaded at Newcastle after battle of of Hexham
Sir Philip Wentworth 15G Uncle 18 May 1464 Beheaded at Middleham, Yorks.
Sir Ralph Gray 2C15R 15 Jul 1464 Beheaded at Doncaster
William Talboys, Lord Kyme Half 17G Uncle 20 Jul 1464 Beheaded after battle of Hexham
Thomas Hungerford 1C17R 1469 Killed as a Lancastrian traitor
John Wydevill 15G Uncle 12 Aug 1469 Beheaded at Northampton.
Sir Humphrey Stafford, Earl of Devon Half 15G Uncle 17 Aug 1469 Beheaded at Bridgewater, Somerset
Richard Welles, Lord Willoughby 16G Uncle 12 Mar 1470 Beheaded at Queen's Cross, Stamford, Lincs
Sir Robert Welles, Lord Welles 1C16R 19 Mar 1470 Beheaded at Doncaster
John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester 17G Uncle 18 Oct 1470 Executed at The Tower
Edmund Beaufort, "Duke of Somerset" 1C17R 6 May 1471 Beheaded after battle of Tewkesbury
Edward V Plantagenet 1C15R 1483 Murdered in Tower...
Sir William Hastings, Lord Hastings Half 5C19R 13 Jun 1483 Beheaded at Tower of London
Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham 2C15R 2 Nov 1483 Executed at Salisbury
Sir Humphrey Stafford 16G Uncle 8 Jul 1486 Executed at Tyburn, London
Sir William Stanley, KG Half 1C17R 15 Feb 1495 Beheaded on Tower Hill, London
John Radcliffe, Lord FitzWalter 2C16R 24 Nov 1496 Beheaded at Calais
James Tuchet, Lord Audley 1C17R 28 Jun 1497 Beheaded on Tower Hill, London
Edward Plantagenet, Earl of Warwick 14G Uncle 28 Nov 1499 Executed in The Tower of London
Sir James Tyrrell 1C16R 6 May 1502 Executed at Tower Hill
Edmund Dudley 2C16R 18 Aug 1510 Beheaded on Tower Hill
Edmund de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk 1C15R 4 May 1513 Beheaded on Tower Hill
Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham 1C15R 17 May 1521 Exectured at the Tower
George Boleyn, Lord Rochford Half 1C14R 17 May 1536 Executed at The Tower
Anne Boleyn, Marchioness of Pembroke Half 1C14R 19 May 1536 Executed at The Tower
Sir Robert Constable 15G Uncle 1537 Hanged at Hull
Thomas FitzGerald, Earl of Kildare 2C13R 3 Feb 1537 Hanged at Tyburn
Sir Francis Bygod 2C19R 2 Jun 1537 Hanged at Tyburn, London
Sir Thomas Percy 3C14R 2 Jun 1537 Executed at Tyburn
Sir John Hussey, Lord Hussey 6C15R 29 Jun 1537 Beheaded at Lincoln
Sir Thomas Darcy, Lord Darcy - Temple Hurst 3C18R 30 Jun 1537 Beheaded at Tower of London
Henry Courtenay, Earl of Devon 2C14R 9 Jan 1539 Beheaded on Tower Hill
Sir Adrian Fortescue 1C16R 10 Jul 1539 beheaded at Tower Hill, London
Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex 14G Uncle 28 Jul 1540 Beheaded at Tower Hill
Sir Walter Hungerford, Lord Hungerford of H-bury 3C15R 28 Jul 1540 Tower Hill
George Roydon 13G Uncle 1541 Hanged at St Thomas' Waterings
Leonard Grey, Viscount Grane 2C14R 28 Jul 1541 Executed on Tower Hill
Henry Poole 12G Uncle 1542 In The Tower Of London, Unrecorded
Katherine Howard 1C14R 13 Feb 1542 Executed at the Tower
Jane Parker 1C13R 13 Feb 1542 Executed at the Tower
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey Half 1C14R 19 Jan 1547 Executed at The Tower
Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset 3C13R 22 Jan 1552 Beheaded on Tower Hill, London
Sir Thomas Arundell 2C14R 26 Feb 1552 Beheaded
John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland 4C13R 22 Aug 1553 Executed on Tower Hill, London
Guilford Dudley 2C14R 12 Feb 1554 Beheaded on Tower Hill
Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England 3C13R 12 Feb 1554 Beheaded on Tower Hill
Henry Grey, Marquess of Dorset 2C14R 23 Feb 1554 Beheaded on Tower Hill
Charles Stourton, Lord Stourton Half 2C12R 6 Mar 1557 Hanged at Salisbury for murder
Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk Half 2C13R 2 Jun 1572 Beheaded at the Tower of London
Blessed Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland 4C13R 22 Aug 1572 Beheaded at York
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Half 1C14R 8 Feb 1587 Executed at Fotheringay castle
Charles Danvers 2C12R 1601 Executed on Tower Hill
Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex 4C12R 25 Feb 1601 Executed on Tower Hill, London
Thomas Waterhouse 1C10R 1 Feb 1602 Hanged at Smithfield, London
George Brooke 2C13R 5 Dec 1603 Executed at Winchester
Giles Basset 4C12R 1640 Executed at Gloucester
Sir Alexander Carew, Bart 6C10R 23 Dec 1644 Executed on Tower Hill
Henry Rich, Earl of Holland 5C11R 9 Mar 1649 Beheaded in Palace yard, Westminster
John Carew 6C10R 15 Oct 1660 Executed at Newgate, London
Miles Corbet 2C12R 19 Apr 1662 Executed
Dame Alice Beckonshaw 10G Aunt 2 Sep 1685 Executed at Winchester
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