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Executions of 42 Ancestors

I have heard many people criticise the citizens of other countries for their bloodthirsty and uncivilised practices. Politely, I hope, I usually draw to their attention the bloodthirsty and uncivilised practices in this country. We used to war and kill and rebel. The difference is that over the centuries we came to see that this was a bad way to live and that there was a better way.

Then I found that many of our remote ancesters were heavily involved in the bloody wars, plots and rebellions in this country. Factor in my emergent interest in heraldry and I have made a heraldic pedigree of all of these as a memorial to them all for the part they played in convincing us that a better life was possible.

Here's the files holding images of the pedigrees, tables and accounts that I have put together for each of these 42 executed people:

There are a lot of people to commemorate so the first option, the pedigree image, is large. This can be viewed on your screen and the larger the screen, the easier you will find it to follow. In fact this first image is designed to be printed onto A0 size of paper and it is then easily legible at normal reading distances.

Note on the use of PDF files. The first option above gives you a PDF file; this is because these PDFs are almost completely vector format, which means that the images can be continually enlarged without going bitty - or pixellating. Remarkably the PDF format, in this case, is smaller than other image formats and clearer. Finally PDF files are easier to save and print. But the PDF window does operate slightly differently, apologies for that! When you have finished, just close the chart's window and the source web page will still be there.