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The executions of each ancestor

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Executed Ancestors Birth - Death Execution date Execution info
1 Sir Richard Empson -1510 17 Aug 1510 Executed at Tower Hill, London after losing his patron, Henry VII; unpopular as a heavy tax raiser.
2 William Crowmer -1450 4 Jul 1450 Beheaded at the Mile End, London at the command of Jack Cade the rebel, together with his father-in-law, Lord Saye & Sele; both heads were put on London Bridge.
3 James Fiennes, Lord Saye & Sele ca1395-1450 4 Jul 1450 Beheaded at the Standard in Cheapside, London by Jack Cade and his co-rebels. Accused of complicity in the death of duke of Gloucester.
4 Sir Thomas Wyatt ca1521-1554 11 Apr 1554 Executed at The Tower after his Rebellion collapsed early in Mary's reign.
5 Anthony Wydevill, Earl Rivers ca1440-1483 25 Jun 1483 Guardian of Edward V; tried and beheaded at Pontefract, Northants by the command of Richard III, after capture of Edw V.
6 Richard Wydevill, Earl Rivers -1469 12 Aug 1469 An upstart from his dau's marriage to Edw IV, causing Warwick's jealousy who ordered beheading at Northampton with only a show trial.
7 Sir Nicholas Carew, KG ca1495-1539 3 Mar 1539 Beheaded on Tower Hill after a trial asserting his complicity with Exeter and Montague.
8 Ralph de Lumley, Lord Lumley <1361-1400 Jan 1400 Conspired to kill Henry IV; attainted of treason and beheaded at Cirencester.
9 Henry Poole, Lord Montagu 1488-1538 9 Jan 1538 Executed in the Tower of London after trial for allegedly supporting his brother Reginald on the divorce of Henry VIII.
10 Blessed Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury 1473-1541 27 May 1541 Executed in the Tower of London two years after attainder without trial, in reign of Henry VIII.
11 George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence 1449-1478 18 Feb 1478 Executed in the Tower of London after attainder by parliament at the request of Edward iv, his brother.
12 Richard of Conisbrough, Earl of Cambridge ca1375-1415 5 Aug 1415 Conspired ineffectually to dethrone Henry V, caught, confessed, tried and executed at Southampton
13 Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury ca1400-1460 31 Dec 1460 Executed (some say lynched) at Pontefract after losing in the battle of Wakefield against Henry V!.
14 Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon -1076 31 Jul 1076 Beheaded at St Giles' Hill, Winchester. Treason. In reign of WM I.
15 John Montacute, Earl of Salisbury ca1350-1400 5 Jan 1400 Conspired to kill Henry IV who escaped, and Salisbury was caught and beheaded by the people at Cirencester.
16 Sir Henry Greene ca1347-1399 29 Jul 1399 Beheaded Bristol castle, at the command of Henry earl of Lancaster on his way to becoming Henry IV.
17 Sir Thomas Maduit ca1287->1322 aft 22 Mar 1321 Hanged at or after battle of Boroughbridge, Supported earl of Lancaster, who lost and was hung, Reign of Ed II.
18 John Mowbray, Lord Mowbray 1286-1322 23 Mar 1322 Hanged at York after battle at Boroughbridge, supporting earl of Lancaster. Reign of Ed II.
18 Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March ca1287-1330 29 Nov 1330 Assisted Queen in ruling England as regent, captured by Ed III at Nottingham and voted by Lords to be hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, as he had done for Despenser the younger.
19 Thomas Ros, Lord Ros 1427-1464 17 May 1464 Executed at command of Warwick or Edward IV. at Newcastle after battle of Hedxham. Total supporter of Henry VI.
20 Sir Warin de Lisle -1322 16 Mar 1322 Executed at Pontefract, Yorks after battle of Boroughbridge, supporting earl of Lancaster. Reign of Ed II.
21 Sir Thomas St Leger -ca1483 ca 8 Nov 1483 Captured and executed at Exeter after the 1483 Buckingham rebellion against Ric III at the disappearance of Edward V.
22 Sir Edward Neville 1471-1538 8 Dec 1538 Beheaded in The Tower of London after trial for high treason against henry VIII for involvement with Poole and Exeter.
23 Richard (III) FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel <1347-1397 21 Sep 1397 Long a thorn in the oppressive Richard II's side, arrested july 1397, tried and beheaded at Cheapside.
24 Sir Edmund FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel 1285-1326 17 Nov 1326 Sham trial before the Queen then beheaded at Hereford; he, the Warenne earl and the Despensers were the only allies left of Ed II.
25 Thomas Le Despenser, Earl of Gloucester 1373-1400 13 Jan 1400 Conspired to kill Henry IV who escaped, and Despenser fled to Cardiff, set sail but taken to Bristol where he was summarily executed.
26 Hugh Despenser, Lord Despenser ca1290-1326 24 Nov 1326 Tried, hanged & quartered at Hereford before earl of Lancaster after capture by a league of the Queen and her allied barons.
27 Hugh Le Despenser, Earl of Winchester 1261-1326 27 Oct 1326 Hanged after treason trial at Bristol at hands of the Queen who warred against Edward II and Hugh.
29 Sir Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall ca1284-1312 1312 Beheaded without trial at Blacklow Hill, nr Warwick. Upstart and favourite of Ed II.
30 Sir George Browne -1483 3 Dec 1483 Executed in London for supporting the 1483 Buckingham Rebellion against Richard III.
31 Sir Thomas Browne 1414-1460 20 Jul 1460 Executed after battle of Wakefield as a supporter of Richard duke of York, kIng Henry VI being the winner.
32 Sir Henry de Wilington -1323 2 Oct 1323 Hanged at Bristol after supporting Lancaster at Battle of Boroughbridge. Reign of Edward II.
33 Sir Reginald Crawford -1307 13 Feb 1307 Executed at Carlisle by the English in the interregnum after John Balliol resigned as Scots king.
34 Sir John Graham, Earl of Mentieth -1347 28 Feb 1347 Executed in London following Scots defeat with King David at the battle of Neville's Cross.
35 Duncan, Earl of Lennox ca1345-1425 25 May 1425 Executed at Stirling castle. SP: "No motive for his fate, execution with Albany for high treason, has been stated by historians."
36 Sir David Brechin -ca1320 ca Aug 1320 Executed, probably at Scone, Scotland. Concealed a plot against the Scots king. Reign of Robert Bruce.
37 Sir Malcolm Fleming -1440 24 Nov 1440 Beheaded at Edinburgh castle after a mock trial there; pardoned, 1 Jan 1441/2, by James II when JII reached his majority.
38 Sir Robert de Holand, Lord Holand ca1270-1328 7 Oct 1328 A Lancaster supporter killed in Elstree by supporters 5 yrs after betraying Lancaster at Boroughbridge.
39 Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent 1301-1330 19 Mar 1330 Beheaded at Winchester after being credulously led to treason against The Queen and Mortimer.
40 Bartholomew de Badlesmere, Lord Badlesmere ca1275-1322 14 Apr 1322 Hanged at Canterbury, Kent after battle of Boroughbridge supporting Lancaster. Reign of Ed II.
41 William, Count of Eu -ca1095 ca 1095 Either barbarously punished leading to death - or executed. Traitor. In reign of Wm II.
42 William de Braose, Lord of Abergavenny <1197-1230 2 May 1230 Hanged at Crokeen, Wales by Llewellyn ap Iowerth, his uncle. Reign of Hen I.
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