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A Search for a Bookplate
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In September 2003 a debate started on the Ex-Libris (Bookplates to you) mailing list and in which I said I was looking for someone to make me a bookplate.

I had tried this once or twice before, even starting a project with one designer, but I could not get to a conclusion. This time I was in advertising mode and asked if anyone on this list could come up with suggestions. Various people did, one or two responded but all leads led nowhere.

I then tried the woodworkers mailing list. And searched for suitable bookplate craftsmen on the internet. I designed my own advertisement and put it on this site. But none of the negotiations brought a craftsman who would do the work.

Then on the 4th October, Dariusz M. Wiszniewski wrote to the rec.heraldry newsgroup to tell of us what he could do. Eventually we managed to e-mail one another and a further eventually he started work on my bookplate, with the result that you see above.

Now I have to stick this in my heraldic and genealogical books, not very many, but almost all of them very valuable to my endeavours. Perhaps I'll GETROUNDTUIT some day real soon.

By the way, the only replies to my bookplate advert came after Dariusz Wiszniewski had finished his work. Apologies to those who thought there was some work to be had. But I am now thinking of the rest of my books, the novels picked up over a few decades of idle reading. I'm not sure I want a heavy heraldic bookplate for those and would like to have a totally different design, perhaps appropriate to my few other interests. So anyone who is interested can get in touch and we might get some more business done.

Have a look at the original design specification for the first project.

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