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July '00: An enormously long trawl through the DNB: I decided to go through it with its index and the index of my genealogical database side-by-side on the screen and looking up to see whenever the names might have had a connection. The result was to increase the number of DNB ancestors up to 195 and the total number of people with DNB articles on the database to 387. The extra information available has extended the size of the database somewhat so that the main pages on this site now exclude the DNB information and I have provided two GEDCOMs, one with DNB based info and one without.

My grandfather had made a chart which included a suggestion that we could claim descent from Alfred the Great. That far back I was not sure of his accuracy; but the DNB agreed with him and I have been able to find two separate lines of descent, one through the scots and the other through the plantagenets. My caution is that these DNB articles are over 100 years old and it may be that modern scholarship has found some lacunae. It will be two or three years yet before the new edition comes out.

Only yesterday I received a first communication from a descendant of my P-L great-grandfather's sisters, in fact from Edith Mary Powys the younger one who was decidedly his favourite. Considerable delight! I am not sure, as yet, how he found my site but there have also been some others contacting me about the Lilfords and one about the Cromwell Bourchiers; I suspect that the entry I made on Rootsweb a couple of months ago may have helped.

A week ago I was delighted to meet the first of our Bowker descended cousins from Australia, here for a tour of some of the country. Much mutual phtographing.

I've made a few slight changes to the layout in the interests of presentation.

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