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December 99 to February 00: Again lots of interesting additions. Having just unscrambled the Bartholomew and Seal heritage, it was a pleasure to find Christopher Seal whose family had gone to the States in the mid 19th century. He had far better information on the Seal ancestors and corrected my mistake about the wife of Thomas Seal, our common ancestor, who was Mary Evered. There is more to come from his end as he even knows some Evered cousins to this day.

Some more books arrived, first was Leo van der Pas' first edition of his eight generations of descendants of Edward III. I found loads of detail to correct my entries but I also found some omissions at the 7th and 8th generations, obscure families that only my grandfather had taken an interest in. Fortunately I had some reasonable reference material to offer to Leo so that he can see who is right.

Second was the second edition of David Faris' Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth Century Colonists. I like second editions, they have the benefit of some public debate and are thus much better based; does anyone need to be told that this is one of the best researched modern books on medieval English ancestry?

All this has led to determining that we now have as many as twenty five lines of descent from Ed III; some are apparent duplicates due to the extra lines when descendants marry and their descendants then also marry.

From the sublime to the real earth: Fanny Worth has been discovered, not in Horwood, Bucks where she said she was born but Dunchurch, Warcs where her parents had returned from Dunchurch not long before her birth. There is a contrast between her christening in 1836 and her birth date of 1831 as reported in the 1881 census; some more investigation needed. She had two brothers and three sisters. I wonder if any of them have some descendants to this day?

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