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July and August 1999, all on the Genealogy section:

Added all Powyses from grandfather's notebooks: Lilford, Berwick, Canadian. Should I start a GOON?

Added details of the 12th Ed III descent from Thomas of Woodstock via Welles, Hoo, Carew, Saunders and Twysden. Details added and confirmed by Ed Mann and Hep Sutcliffe (many thanks to them). Linked all this in to others in the database, particularly Margaret Beauchamp to Leo Welles. Began to understand why Margaret Beaufort was such a remarkable woman with all the marriages between dynasties that she arranged.

Added the curios - the lists of garters, executions, regicides, clergy and the 12 lines of descent from Ed III.

Added two distaff lines from Burke's "Commoners" of c.1825: the Holbechs and the Shawes.

Copied details of the early Nevilles from CP and found more clear errors by the College of Arms.

Updated the zipped GED file (twice).

Updated the linked WWW genealogy files, now in 35 "pages", up 2 from previously.

Got nowhere with the Bowker descent from Philip Lybbe Powys Lybbe's second family; try another birth registration?

Got nowhere with trying to find the mother of Sarah Bartholomew, my GG-grandmother. But it seems that Wm Bartholomew, pub-keeper, was of Scottish birth and born around 1820.

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