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Using the charts

Charts are problems: they like to be large so that you can see the relationships in large families, but the screens you display them on are quite small by comparison and most paper gets printed on smallish paper.

So compromises have to be made. I am providing two sets of charts. First there are charts which are sets of pages of A3 size. These are intended for printing, even if you have to go to a print shop to print on A3. Sticking pieces of paper together to form big charts is boring and messay and more of a problem with smaller pages.

Second because each branch is only 8 or so generations high, the charts can be made to fit on A3 images lengthwise. They are much wider, of course but it is easy to scroll from left to right on the screen. So the charts for viewing on the screen are all around the height of the screen and can be up to many screens wide.

Doubtless some of you will view or print them the other way round.

Some of you will have good eyes and good printers and will be able to read the A3 pages when printed on A4 paper. Otherwise, you will have to go to a print shop.

The print is stored as vectors. What this means is that it will enlarge without distortion or pixellation. So you can enlarge stuff freely if you want.

Any suggestions on these compromises: please get in touch.