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A L Powys's New Zealand journal for 1867


1st Played a match, Town & Country. Got 13 & bowled 5 wickets. Playing pretty well. Did nothing much in the evening.

2nd Faced Palmer in the morning & did other business. Very dull indeed in the evening.

3rd Left town for Ashtrop, which I reached about 7.

4th Ploughed in the morning, after which it rained. Forbes' drays came with coal.

5th Ploughed all the morning, when a damned pin broke. Sent young Woofe to the Harunui for the blacksmith.


6th The blacksmith came and mended the pin. The Gaffer dined here.

7th Sent John to the righabout. Ploughed till 12, when it came on to rain & stopped all work in the afternoon. One dray of 7's.

8th Rained most of the morning. Went & dug a water hole by the middle creek. Also did a little ditching.

9th Shifted the tackle when it commenced to rain like the devil & of course, stopped it. Bored some sheepyard posts.

10th Sent Stevens to the Hurunui to get Boxer shod. Worked about the place.

11th A fine day, for a wonder! Collected rails along the fence & commenced putting up a race.

12th Went on with the race & fettled the scythes up. Set the men to digging.


13th Fine day. Played cricket & got Glubb up, who broke away twice. Gaffer dined here.

14th Went to town. Met with an agreable coachman. Went to the Royal in the evening with Coventry, at whose house I stopped.

15th Went to the races in William's trap; enjoyed myself very well; did not bet.

16th Went again as before. Went to a Ball in the evening. The Governor there. Danced a good deal.

17th To the races again.

18th Played cricket in the afternoon. Went to the Assembly Ball in the evening. Governor there again.

19th Came up. At Leithfield met Woofe. Another bad breakage. Came up home.


20th Lay abed most of the day. The Gaffer came over, but did not stop long.

21st Commenced cutting the oats. The boy came up. Did more than half. Rained at night.

22nd Finished cutting the oats. Had most of them put up into hurcocks. Fine & frosty.

23rd Turned it all over & put part in cocks. A stunning day.

24th Threatening all day. Finished cocks in the morning & carried three loads in the afternoon. Nathan went to Leithfield with a tooth. Barugh & Fitzroy came after & cattle. Rained in the evening.

25th Raining all day. Woofe & Forbes came in the afternoon with the steel bar & letters & papers from home.

26th Raining & gloomy all day again. Hardly did any work.


27th It gave promise of being fine about 10, but gradually closed up & came on to rain steadily about 5. Most depressing weather.

28th Went on with the engine when one of the pins broke, which completely did us up.

29th Went to town to see Stevens.

30th Came up with him in the coach & rode on.

31st Consulted with Woofe & concluded to knock off working the engine.


1st He, Dick & I went to town. Dick & I rode, & got in about 6 1/2.

2nd Played 1st XI against 2nd. Got 5. Only beat by 4 runs. Damned display on the ground.


3rd Dick & I went over to port & slept on board the "Mermaid". Saw the Captain, Howes & McQuade.

4th Went on board H.M.S. BRISK, and were shown all over her. Went to Christchurch by coach. Stayed at Coventry's.

5th Commenced the match vs the Ashburton. Got 'not out' 20. Dick bowled 7 wickets. The Otago XI arrived.

6th Finished the match. 1 innings & a lot of runs. Dick bowled 5 wickets. Played about the ground in the afternoon.

7th Commenced the Otago match. We went in & got 25!! I got 1, Dick 2! they got 94. Went in again & got 31 with 8 wickets down; I 'not out' 5 & Mytton ditto 3.

8th Finished it the next morning. Mytton ran out; I got 1 & was bowled. Played a single wicket match in which we were also beaten. Dinner in the evening. Got rather screwed.

9th Did nothing particularly. Otago men got drunk in the evening.


10th Went to port to see them out. Walked back over the hill. Very miserable.

11th Did some business. Dick & I dined & slept at Coventry's.

12th Came away & went to Mount Grey with Russell.

13th Played croquet. Ladies came in the evening.

14th Left Mount Grey & came home at 8. Dick had a spill.

15th Went to the Downs. Put a fence round the stack. Very hot.

16th I went a long walk after the lost sheep. Borrowed an auger from G.


17th Went to the Gaffer's. Nathan rode to the Pass with letters.

18th Got the sheep in & branded them. Hot as the devil. Stevens ill.

19th Dick & I put slip panels up in place of the gate near the Waipara,

20th Norwester. Did the top gate.

21st The very deuce of a Norwester. Put Irishmen in the fence at the lower Waipara corner.

22nd Slightly misty rain. Planted a few blue gums, & fettled up the back round the paddock.

23rd Finished the bank & sowed it with gorse. Chivvied the cattle away.


24th Did nothing all day but read.

25th Did a little ditching in the morning. In the afternoon rode to the Pass for letters. Watson came back with me.

26th Went to the cockatoo's. Dug holes for trees in the garden etc.

27th Went a clod-hopping. The Gaffer brought over the English mail. Rudd is turned off.

28th Dug & trenched in the garden. Coolish breeze all day.


1st Dug & trenched in the garden etc.

2nd Nathan finished the harrowing at about 11o'clock.


3rd Went over to the Gaffer's, who came over with Nathan. We got Toby & Glubb in.

4th Nathan started early for the Selwyn. Sowed gorse in the morning. Went to the Pass for letters. Account of Rudd's marriage.

5th Trenched in the new garden. The Gaffer commenced a painting of this place.

6th Beastly hot with a dry wind. Tried to work but gave it up.

7th Bad headache. Lay down most of the day.

8th Better today. Farmer got into the garden in the night & snicked some carrots, so Dick & I put two wires atop of the sods.

9th Still the same cursed stifling weather. Finished the wire fencing.


10th Lay abed most of the day, reading Macaulay. Very bad toothache & throat.

11th Stayed in the house all day; throat still bad. Nathan came back last night.

13th Dick went to town on the mare about his foal. I stayed in the house most of the day.

14th Same. Read Macaulay & took a short walk in the afternoon.

14th Did a little work today & in the evening paid the men off.

15th The dray went to the pass with the men & Woofe to get the plough.

16th Went to Leithfield about the cricket & got caught in a Sou'wester. Stayed at Paget's.


17th Stayed there all day.

18th Went to town by coach & agreed to stop till Friday for the Albion match.

19th Stopped at Coventry's & loafed about town thoroughly bored.

20th Same.

21st Went to Lyttleton in the morning & went on board the "Mermaid" & stayed there all night. Had a very jolly evening.

22nd Came ashore & went to town & played against the Albions; got 4 & 14.

23rd Did a little business in the morning & came up by the afternoon coach. Got spilt at Kaiapoi & stayed there that night.


24th Went to Leithfield in a trap & got home about dusk.

25th The Gaffer went to town. Dick & I started off to Stonyhurst for the rams. Got there at dusk.

26th Picked the rams & then went a-boating on the sea. Stonyhurst is a lovely place.

27th Maxwell helped us to drive the rams & we got them to Sanderson's without mishap.

28th Left about 10. Bought a Sheepdog for 5›. Got them as far as Henry's & stopped there.

29th Got home with them about 4. Very tired & footsore.

30th Dick went after Glubb. I & Nathan made a flower bed to put the plants in that Sanderson gave us.


31st Went over to Hurt Hall.


1st Went after the sheep, and planted out strawberries. The other dug potatoes.

2nd Planted out raspberries. Killed a sheep & branded the rams.

3rd Finished digging the potatoes; weeded the strawberry bed.

4th Nathan took two bags of spuds to the Gaffers & got some wine. The Drums went to Cowie's; we gardened.

5th Finished the potatoes. Nathan commenced ploughing the bit that the men cleared.

6th He ploughed all day. We worked in the garden.


7th The Gaffer, Nathan, Dick & I went a-fowling, but only got one solitary shot. The Gaffter dined here.

8th Nathan went to the Pass with the dray. Worked in the garden.

9th Nathan got back about 11; he ploughed in the afternoon. Worked in the garden.

10th Nathan ploughed. I shot a swamphen; gravelled the paths.

11th Shot a duck. Just the same.

12th Same. Not a sympton of rain.

13th Dick & I went to Cowie's a-fowling. I had 12 shots & got 3 swamphens. Dick had more shots & didn't get 1. Tired when we came back.


14th Did nothing.

15th Got Glubb in & dug the ground up in front of the house for a lawn.

16th Glubb shaped like fun & put me off once. Rode him all the way to town by 5 1/2.

17th Did nothing much. Slept at Coventry's & took Glubb there.

18th Pottered about.

19th Played cricket with Stevens.

20th Sold Glubb & got a nice one in exchange.


21st Went to Kohler's.

22nd Left town in the afternoon on Rosinante & managed to get to Kaiapoi.

23rd Got to Leithfield at a walk & sold him to Benn.

24th Got to the Pass by coach. T. McDonald there.

25th Walked over. Of course there has been no rain here.

26th Dug carrots in the morning; Nathan ploughed the kitchen garden. I went to the Gaffer's in the afternoon.

27th I moved the peat from the stable outside. Nathan finished the garden & Dick the carrots. Killed a fine rat in the stable.


28th Stayed in the house all day. The Gaffer dined here.

29th Walked all round the fence in the morning & commenced draining the creek in the afternoon.

30th Got the sheep in. Went on draining.


1st Went out pig-hunting with Dick & the Gaffer in the Pyramid Valley. Got a boar & a sow, unluckily with young pigs.

2nd Dick went on Boxer to get the pig. Worked in the creek all day.

3rd Worked in the creek. Set Bell to make a pigsty. Nathan finished the ploughing up to the corner of the fence.

4th Worked away at the creek. Nathan & Bell cut chaff.


5th Stayed at home all day. Dick & the Gaffer went shooting & got 2 ducks & 2 swamphens. The Gaffer stopped to dinner.

6th Muggy with slight rain. Nathan went to the Pass with the dray. Bell to the Hurunui. Killed a sheep. Worked at the creek. Mytton came.

7th Shaped at the creek. Mytton went fowling but got nothing.

8th Went on with the creek. The Ostler stayed & read at home.

9th Nathan, young Woofe & I went after swamphen to Cowie's. Had a pretty good day; got four couple. Jolly tired when we came back.

10th Came on to snow from the S.W. & kept on till 2. In the house most of the day & did a little at the creek.

1th Cold wind from the S.W. Killed a sheep & worked at the creek.


12th Muggy & cold. Indoors all day; wrote home. Ostler & I took a walk.

13th Worked away at the creek. Fine again.

14th Creek, Sent Bell with the dray to the Pass for the pigs. He did not get back till 10. Barugh called.

15th Creek. The Drum got his flax machine to work satisfactorily.

16th Dick, the Ostler & young Woofe went fowling to Cowie's. I worked at the creek. Nathan & Bell got watergrass for the horses. They got back at 5 1/2 with a couple, bringing Fitzroy. The Ostler went through his performance.

17th Worked away at the creek. Lovely day.

18th Did a good day's work; set Bell to work there as well. Fitzroy called.


19th A Norwester. Did nothing much.

20th Worked at the creek. Woofe brought me in some flax to look at. A really good sample.

21st The Ostler & Woofe went to town, the latter to take out a patent for his flax machine. Worked at the creek. A very slight shower from the N.W.

22nd All day at the creek. Cold & gloomy.

23rd Worked at the creek. Threatened a SouWester all day, which didn't come.

24th Worked at the creek. Young Woofe went to meet his Governor.

25th Worked during the morning at the creek. Dug holes for trees in the afternoon. The Woofes came back with presents from the Ostler - brandy, pickles etc.


26th A misty sort of rainy day. Went to Heathstock on Toby. Got back to dinner. Found the Gaffer here.

27th Worked all day at the creek.

28th I worked at the creek, and Dick went to the Hurunui to get his mare shod, and thence to the Pass for the letters. Rained slightly in the night.

29th Killed two fine sheep. Worked at the creek. Rain hanging about with occasional showers.

30th Worked all day at the creek. Very cold & gloomy.

31st Worked at the creek. Fine day & warm.


1st Same. Two men came from the Pass to look at the cattle.


2nd Dick & the Gaffer went out shooting & got two swamphens. I stayed at home.

3rd Worked at the creek & did a rattling good bit.

4th Dick went to the Pass for the letters on the black mare. I worked at the creek. Forbes' drays came with firewood for the two men who bought his land. They camped there. Heard from Willes, who sends ›600. Fruit trees came.

5th Took us till three, planting the fruit trees. They are a decided improvement. Did a bit at the creek.

6th Dipped the ten ewes in the paddock, in a tub. One or two of them were rather scabby.

7th Put the sheep down the creek. Worked all the rest of the day at the creek. Young Woofe came back.

8th At the creek all day. Old Woofe came back.


9th Dick, the Gaffer & young Woofe went pig-hunting & got 1 sow. I stayed at home. The Gaffer dined here.

10th At the creek all day; nearly finished now. A stinging frost.

11th Worked at the creek in the morning, and in the afternoon rode over to the Pass with letters.

12th Finished the creek this morning at last. It rained about 12 from the S.W. & kept on all night, went to the Gaffer's in the afternoon.

13th Still raining like all that. Kept on in a silly sort of way all day. Most infernally cold.

14th Cold, with a few showers. Worked at the garden fence. Nathan went to the Hurunui to get the horses shod. Came on to rain again at night.

15th A slow, steady rain. Left off in the afternoon. Tried fencing; no go. Made a bank for gorse.


16th Rained off & on most of the day. The Gaffer came over & dined. He was fruity as usual.

17th Slight frost & fine. Did some fencing round the paddock, but found it was still too hard. Nathan ploughed up a bit of new land.

18th Worked at the boundary fence. A showery cold day.

19th Went to the Gaffer's, and did a little digging at the fence. In the afternoon snow squalls came on & it snowed heavily at night.

20th Couldn't do aany work on account of the snow. Raining again at night.

21st Rained most of the day. Went over to the Gaffer's in the afternoon.

22nd Went over to he Hurunui to get Gaffer shod. Had a nip at the Downs. Dick fenced.


23rd A fine day, hard frost. The Gaffer came & dined.

24th Another hard frost & fine. Killed two sheep. Shaped at the fence.

25th Went as far as S.W. creek on Gaffer. Dick came up as far as the Pass. Roads most awfully bad.

26th Went on to town. Saw Stevens & got a letter Willes.

27th Went about the town doing business. Went to the Council.

28th Same. Saw Palmer at the bank. Mallock made arrangements to come & see the Plough, with a view to buying it. Went a hop in the evening.

29th Left town & rode up to the Pass. Began to rain heavily as I got there. Stopped all night.


30th Raining hard from the S.W. Came home about 1. All the country under water.


1st Shopped about the place. Did a little fencing.

2nd Went on fencing. Fitzroy called. Jim from the Pass brought 11 cattle and took away three. Letters from home.

3rd Fenced. Nathan went with the dray to the Pass.

4th Went on fencing the near end of the paddock. Nathan commenced ploughing the other side of the Bros creek.

5th Did another good day's fencing. Got steam up in the engine.

6th Another good day. Fenced again. Forbes brought 5 more calves. Slight N.W. wind.


7th Same wind. The Gaffer bestowed his society on us & dined.

8th A regular Norwester with rain in the evening. Killed three sheep & worked at the fence.

9th Shaped at the fence. A snowstorm in the middle of the day.

10th Nathan went to the Pass with letters & was away all day. Worked at the fence.

11th A very hard frost. Worked at the fence.

12th Worked at the fence.

13th A Norwester At the top fence.


14th A fine day; the blacksmith came. The Gaffer dined.

15th Worked at the fence in the morning. Put some toi over the bad creek on the way to the Pass.

16th Rode the Gaffer to the Pass for the letters. Dick at the fence.

17th Went to Heathstock to see Mallock, who was very seedy. Got back at dusk.

18th Put a corner post in the fence. Forbes came with rails.

19th Nathan & I went to Heathstock for willow cuttings. Met Coventry as I was coming back.

20th Planted the willows & put in another straining post.


21st Gaffer came over & dined.

22nd Bored posts for the fence & drove in about 50 of them. Nathan went to town.

23rd Ran the wire through the posts & strained the two top ones.

24th A most lovely day; strained the bottom wire and put in the other straining posts.

25th Commenced the fence on the far side. Did a good deal of it by the evening.

26th Finished it & commenced the near fence. Forbes came with oats. Fitzroy called.

27th Ran the wire through etc. Nathan & young Woofe sowed oats in the big paddock.


28th A strong Norwester; the Gaffer came as usual.

29th Sowed the prarie grass & some other grass seed. Came on to rain from S.W. about three & stopped us.

30th Rained most of the day & finished with snow.

31st Snowing all day like old boots, drifting in some places four or five feet deep.


1st Rained all day, hard. The whole country under water & the creek through the garden a rushing torrent up to the top of the fence.

2nd Went out to see what harm was done. The creek fence is washed away, and some of the boundary fence. Rained gently all day.

3rd A fine day. Killed the white pig & did a little fencing.


4th Stayed indoors most of the day, reading old "Bells".

5th Rained heavily from the N.W. during the nightr till 10. Did some fencing etc.

6th Raining off & on all day from the N.W. & like billy-o all night. The garden flooded again.

7th Did a little fencing; sent Nathan with a note to Heathstock. Mallock is still seedy.

8th Did a good stroke of fencing. Fitzroy called. Sent the dray for stones to the Waipara.

9th Got a load of sand for paving the stable. Repaired part of the boundary fence.

10th Repaired the south side of the boundary fence. Lunched with the Gaffer.


11th A nasty damp day. The brusher came over.

12th Strained the wire on the boundary fence. One of the Moores' brutes inside the fence.

13th Killed the roan steer. Repaired the fence.

14th Dick went to the Pass with letters. Cut up & salted the beef. Heavy rain at night from the east.

15th Rained like the devil all day. The garden flooded again.

16th Raining nearly all day. Repaired the garden dam.

17th Rained all the morning. Cleared up in the afternoon; did a little work about the place.


18th A Norwester; the Gaffer came as usual. Carter called.

19th A fine day with a strong N.W. breeze. Did a smart stroke at the paddock fence. Nathan & Bell went to pull scrub.

20th Did another smart stroke. Nathan got a load of scrub. Norwester.

21st They got another load & we nearly finished the sod work of the fence. The Captain came up about 2 & stopped.

22nd Rained most of the day from the N.W., a regular soaker. The Captain just the same as ever.

23rd The Captain went to town; Dick & I put up a sod wall by the sheepyard.

24th Finished the paddock fence and strained the wire. Ran the wire in the garden fence. Bell put up his gate.


25th A lovely day. We took a walk to the Blue Rocks. We saw 3 lambs among our flock.

26th Sheep regularly beginning to lamb. Carter and Little came. Did the tail end of one of two fences.

27th Went a-shepherding. More lambs. Carter & I commenced the fence. I went for the letters; only papers up.

28th Dick at the garden fence. I put in some peas & dug in the garden.

29th Dug in the garden etc. Forbes dray with rails.

30th A few hail showers kicking about. Sowed oats in the afternoon. Finished the garden fence.

31st N.W. showers as usual. Dick sowed gorse along the boundary fence. I did a little gardening.



1st N.W. showers, as before. Dick & the Gaffer went rabbiting.

2nd Dick sowed gorse & I worked in the garden.

3rd Got the rest of the oats in, and harrowed. Fitzroy took his cattle away.

4th A lovely day. Strained up the fence by the white gate and gardened.

5th Another fine day. Gardened etc.

6th Norwester. Sent the dray to the blacksmiths. The Captain came up at dusk.

7th A warm day. Went among the sheep. Rained in the afternoon.


8th The Captain went away. The Gaffer did not come as usual. A dull day.

9th A fine day. Rode to the Pass. Bought a stone roller.

10th Another fine day. Went around the sheep, and made a small ditch etc.

11th A hard frost. Dick went painting with the Gaffer. I worked in the garden.

12th Same exactly.

13th Got the cattle in the yard & killed beef at 3. Forbes' dray with rails & the roller.

14th Cut the beast up. Dick seedy. A most beastly cold, gloomy day.


15th Cold. The Gaffer came over.

16th Did a little gardening etc. Dick went a-stretching.

17th Old Woofe went to town. The same as usual. Carter & Little finished the fence.

18th Rode to the Pass. Old Taylor and Barugh rode back part of the day. Taylor very intoxicated.

19th Repaired the sod walls on the Waipara. Bell put up his gate. The Captain came up.

20th The Captain went away. Strained the fence at the Waipara corner. Dick went over to the Gaffer's.

21st A lovely day; everything growing like fun. Dug and fossicked about generally.


22nd A charming day. We took a walk among the sheep & lambs. Dick went back with the Gaffer.

23rd Did a few things about the garden. The dray went for oat straw to Pawsey's. Dick came back.

24th Another fine day. Bell harrowed with Boxer. Young Woofe went to the Pass. Coventry there.

25th Dick went for that worthy; he came in the afternoon.

26th Fiddled about all day with C. Awfully hot.

27th Coventry & I worked about the place at digging etc. Very hot.

28th Dug out a place in the hill for an ice-house. The Gaffer came over to lunch.


29th Dick & C. went to Heathstock. I went to the Gaffer's.

30th The dray went to town. Dick rode to the Pass. Coventry & I worked at the ice-house.


1st Went to town with Coventry; he on Toby, whom he bought, & I on Gaffer. Got down about 6. Saw Nathan & the Gaffer.

2nd Saw the dray loaded up. Nathan got drunk. Dined at Coker's with the Gaffer.

3rd The dray went away. Went about with the Gaffer. Raised ›100 on wool.

4th The Gaffer went away. Played cricket in the morning. Went to Captain Brown's to lunch.

5th Played a scratch match in the afternoon; rather good fun. Stabled Gaffer at Becher's.


6th Started at 10, but only got as far as Leithfield, the horse went so badly.

7th Left Leithfield at 12 & got home at 6. A cursed Norwester all the way up.

8th Sowed grass seed all day in spite of a Norwester. Dug a trench along the paddock fence to keep out the horses.

9th Young Woofe & I got toi in the morning and another load in the afternoon. Dick went to the Pass. A fine calm day; sowing all day.

10th Sowed most of the day. Got the yard ready for the sheep. Belcher's dray came with grass seed.

11th They sowed in the morning. I got all the sheep in by 11. Cut and tailed in the afternoon; 90 per cent. Not bad.

12th Began to repair the fence by the mile. Sowing grass al day. Dick planted forest seeds. A calmish day.


13th A Norwester and cold. No Gaffer. Went a walk by myself.

14th Went on at the fence. Sowed the last ploughing with grass.

15th Finished the fence. A hot day. Went on sowing. The men finished the wool-shed, and have made a good job of it.

16th Carter & Little went away. I rode over to the Pass.

17th Put the rams into the home side; killed a wether. Damned Norwester. Gaffer came and paid sugar,

18th Bell went to town. Nathan & I commenced fitting up the inside of the wool-shed.

19th Went on with the wool-shed. A most infernal Norwester all day. A few drops of rain in the afternoon.


20th A Norwester. The Gaffer showed up. Went a walk down the Waipara.

21st Went on with the wool-shed. Forbes' dray came with battens. A fine steady rain in the evening.

22nd Norwester as usual. Laid down the battens. A thunderstorm in the afternoon.

23rd Nathan commenced ploughing a place for spuds. Bell came back. The Gaffer came to paint the hut. Norwester.

24th Norwester. Put in half an acre of spuds. Gaffer over again.

25th The Gaffer came over in the morning. Pottered about the garden. Nathan & Bell got a load of scrub.

26th A fine morning; Norwester in the afternoon. They went to the scrub again.


27th Nasty cold Norwester. The Gaffer came over. Bell went to the Pass on Alice.

28th They went to the scrub again. I rode to the Pass. Got a fiver from Adams about achievement. A heaver shower of rain fell.

29th Old Woofe went to Kaiapoi. Put carrots in next to spuds. Rained all afternoon up to midnight.

30th Burnt all the peat & rubbish about the stable. Fine with occasional showers.

31st Set Nathan to help Bell with the wool press. I dawdled about.


1st Dick & the Gaffer went pig hunting but got nothing. Bell & Nathan finished the wool press & got all ready for shearing.

2nd Those cursed rams escaped and joined the mob. Got them out, and shore them & 11 wethers. Bell went to the Pass with Alice. Norwester.


3rd Norwester. Paid the Gaffer a visit. Very hot.

4th Dick, Nathan & young Woofe went to the Hurunui. Got all ready for shearing.

5th Started them shearing, and went to town. Rode to Leithfield & thence by coach.

6th Did a lot of business with Stevens.

7th More business. Heard the "Melita" was in.

8th Agricultural show; went for an hour. Played vs Albions. Got 4.

9th Played again. Got 0. We won by 34 runs.


10th Very bad cold; read "The Toilers of the Sea".

11th Sent Woofe to port about the rams.

12th Went myself & stayed all night. Saw Back.

13th Got the rams away in Belcher's cart; came to town by coach. Went on board the "Melita" & "Bluejacket".

14th Came to Leithfield by coach & rode up. Met young Woofe at the Pass. Shearing finished on Tuesday.

15th Branded the wool bales and did various other small jobs.

16th A fine steady rain. Killed a sheep. Tom McDonald came about the coal. The sow had a litter of pigs.


17th The Gaffer came with his paintings to go home.

18th Nathan & Bell got some (mauuka?) scrub, and made a screen for the tree seeds. Young Woofe went to the Pass.

19th A cold Norwester. Dick & Nathan went to town. Bell put up a gate on the way to the stable.

20th Rained a little in the morning and in the afternoon, in torrents.

21st A Norwester all day. The rams arrived all right; so did Woofe. Sent away the wool.

22nd A Norwester. Dug about the place. The Gaffer dined & slept here. Got the books from home.

23rd A Norwester. Did the same. Nathan came back in the evening. Went a-bobbing & caught an eel.


24th A beastly cold sou'west wind with a little rain. The Gaffer came to breakfast.

25th A still day for a wonder. Sent Nathan to the Pass with Alice. Killed a sheep. Those lubberly Leicesters won't settle down anywhere.

26th A most infernally cold sou'wester with rain. Stayed indoors all day & read Bell.

27th A slight Norwester, & a frost. Got the rams and wethers out of Moore's paddock & put the Leicesters in.

28th A very cold day, with occasional hailstorms.

29th Went to town. Attended a cricket meeting at the Clarendon.

30th Played in a single wicket match. Got 0 & 4. We beat them, in a canter.



1st A lovely day. Went a stroll with Stevens.

2nd Came up by coach. Pycroft as far as Leithfield. Up by six. One of the rams is missing.

3rd Rained nearly all day. Mowed a little of the lawn.

4th A Norwester. Went after the lost sheep; didn't see him, but three pigs. The Gaffer killed a boar and a sucker. Mallock's dray came for coal.

5th A drizzly day, till night, when it rained heavily. Mallock's dray came for coal. Shore the rams.

6th Cloudly all day & came on to rain again at 5. Finished mowing the lawn.

7th A fine day. Did nothing particular.


8th A beautiful hot day. The Gaffer came over.

9th Very hot. Nathan went to the Pass on Gaffer. Too hot to do anything. Woofe went to town.

10th Same. Had a good bathe in a pool.

11th Got the sheep in and branded the lambs. Nathan went round with census papers. Very hot.

12th A Norwester. Very hot. The Gaffer came over to meet O'Callaghan, who didn't show up.

13th Very hot. Mr. Leslie came about 3 o'clock. I rode down to Leithfield. Slept at Brun's.

14th Played cricket vs Kaiapoi. Got 17 & 34. Very country play. Leithfield beat by 9 runs. Went up with Barton.


15th Came down to Leithfield. Dined at Mrs. Carter's. Went eeling in the evening. Slept at Brun's.

16th Went to the sports in the afternoon and had tea with the Turrells. Stopped all night.

17th Rode home and got up about 7. Very hot.

18th Weeded about the garden, & went over to the Gaffer's. Had a good bathe.

19th Cold wind with a little rain. In the house most of the day.

20th An infernal Norwester. Fiddled about all day. Young Woofe came back in the evening.

21st Got the sheep in and drafted four wethers, and one of Moore's.


22nd A beastly Norwester. Went to the Waipara with the Gaffer and killed three rabbits.

23rd A Norwester. Rode to Pawsey's and the Pass. Bought some beef.


Here the Diary finishes abruptly. There follow thirty or so closely written pages on the cultivation of TOBACCO. These would seem to have been copied from a treatise on Tobacco and Tobacco growing, and contain detailed leaf analysis, a comparison of nicotine content between French and American tobacco, and, surprisingly enough, several pages on the "Chemical Investigations on Tobacco Smoke".

There is a chapter on tobacco plantations and their viability, in Cuba, and a chapter entitled "What constitutes a good Tobacco".

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