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Inheritance of Trotter arms - written in 2008
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The same family of Trotter bears arms that are recognised both by the Scots and the English heralds. But the rules of inheritance and the arms themselves are slightly different between the two countries, so the inheritance has devolved down different routes.

The Trotter family concerned are those who were first recorded as being of Kettleshiel, Berwickshire. Quite how they got this smallholding is unknown. However they seemed to increase in prosperity as the years went by and in 1803 the first matriculation of arms occurred in the Lyon Court for James Trotter (1754-1833) of both Kettleshiel in Berwickshire and Horton in Surrey. His younger brother John also matriculated the slightly different arms in the Lyon Court in the same year and perhaps later that year had a different crest granted in the College of Arms' record.

The list of heraldic events includes:

  • Scots Lyon Court:
    • 1803: Initial matriculation to James Trotter of Kettleshiel
    • 1803: A slightly different matriculation to John Trotter of Shuddy Camps, Cambs
    • 1825: Grant of quartered arms to Sir Coutts Trotter bt
    • 1869: Grant of arms to William Brown (who changed his name to Trotter, below)
    • 1906: Matriculation for Louisa Kathleen Trotter of Haldane.
    • 1924: Matriculation for Archibald Abercrombie Trotter of Colinton
    • 1958: Matriculation for Richard Durant Trotter of Brin

  • English College of Arms
    • 1803: Grant of unique crest to John Trotter of Shuddy Camps, Cambs
    • 1868: Royal Licence to William Brown to take the name and arms of Trotter quartered with his arms of Brown

The heirs male of the Trotters of Kettleshiel are in the branch of Archibald Trotter who married Jean Mowbray.

What I have uncovered is that:

  • The heir general of James Trotter of Kettleshiel is through the line of his grand-daughter Elizabeth Mary Welbank who married William Brown and both of whom changed their names by Royal Licence to Trotter in 1868 on inheriting the Horton estate in Surrey.
  • The heir male of William Trotter, formerly Brown, is his great- great-grandson William Trotter of Oregon, USA; he has a son James.
  • William Trotter's, formerly Brown, heir general is myself, another great-great-grandson, so that I am also heir general to James Trotter of Kettleshiel.
To establish the last proposition and to register the descent and the right to quarter William Trotter's, formerly Brown, arms, I have filed a pedigree of William Trotter's descendants with the College of Arms. Currently, July 2008, this is being reviewed within the College. For all this, see: Note that the PDF files contain some pages on their side so that the whole lot can be sent to a printer and printed in portrait mode.

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