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The Heraldry of the Trotters of Kettleshiel and their Descendants

My grandmother was a Trotter. We were brought up to see her family as somewhat odd and remote, They were not to be taken seriously. So we knew nothing of what her forbears and cousins had done. In fact they were a remarkable collection of merchants of one form or another; one or two were involved in opium trade with China, leading to the opium wars sensibly started by China; one was into nefarious financial practices with Coutts & Co leading to being questioned in the House of Lords; and several of them took a serious interest in heraldry.

Several people are taking interest in them. Roger Mortimer and Brian Bouchard have made studies of the families and what they did in Horton, near Epsom, Surrey. Steve Sanders is even doing a PhD thesis on John Trotter of Kettleshiel and London and his upholder Master, Henry Williams of London in the 18th century. And I am taking an interest in their heraldry and have made my studies of: