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Family Tree Charts
of all the Gt-Gt-Gt-Gt-Grandparents
of my generation of P-Ls

Powys_qtrd_by_Lybbe.png - 119Kb I have spent around twenty years finding who our ancestors might be. Much of this has, of course, been to gather information from others who have done the work before me. I have also spent a little time ensuring all our descendants are on file. In the course of all of this I have found a load of information about relatives of our ancestors. Perhaps for the last four years my genealogy pursuit has primarily been to find the descendants of our ancestors, our cousins that is.

This pursuit got a stimulus over the last two years by some people getting in touch to tell me who some ancestors were. In particular this was at the level of our gt-gt-gt-gt-grandparents. I have for many years been confident I had found all the Gt-Gt-Gt-grandparents, all 32 of them. But I had found little more than 55 of the 64 in the previous generation. The people who got in touch brought the number up to 61.

What about the previous generation to that, you may ask? I have only 87 of the 128 GGGGG G-Ps, so about a third are unknown. This means that any research into the descendants of all our 5G-grandparents, would leave out a third of their descendants. So the 4G-grandparents will provide a fairly complete list of all our relations up to our fifth cousins.

This is going to take ages to find. I have already done a few and the last, the Hamilton descendants, took about four or five months. The trouble is that the public internet databases are getting more and more information about the publicly held records particularly in Britain. The more that can be consulted means the longer it takes.

Currently, May 2017, I have found 2839 separate descendants of the GGGG grandparents. This is not the sum of all the descendants in all the charts as some, our generation and our descendants paticularly, appear in all charts. In principle, I could easily see the later research bringing in another 1,000 people; it will be interesting to see where I get to.

That said, here's the main findings:

Ferrand_2015.png - 24Kb
Michell.png - 91Kb Harris.png - 109Kb
Barrington.png - 44Kb Peckover.png - 91Kb
Marshall_2.png - 49Kb Hallifax.png - 40Kb
Brown_of_Horton.png - 63Kb Ricketts.png - 110Kb
Mayne.png - 44Kb Hamilton_Sheephill_no_name_2.png - 164Kb
Balfour.png - 22Kb De_Courcy.png - 91Kb
Elliott.png - 75Kb Blennerhasset.png - 45Kb
Trotter_Jas.png - 41Kb Baynes.png - 28Kb
Atkinson.png - 98Kb Gregory.png - 96Kb
Busfeild.png - 37Kb Lybbe_qtrd_by_Powys.png - 124Kb