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The Great-great-great-great grandparents of 20th Cent Powys-Lybbes

This projects starts with my siblings and I. We know who our recent ancestors are, particularly on the Powys line. But we do not know who our relatives are. I have managed to find 61 out of a maximum of 64 Gt-gt-gt-gt Grandparents; these lived around the end of the eighteenth century and into the nineteenth, so it is reasonably easy to find records for them.

The key information is then our descent from these GGGG G-Ps, as it all their descendants who are our relations. The following give our descent from them:

  • A pedigree chart of our descent from our recent ancestors. It takes up 9 pages of A4 paper which you can print out and stick together lengthwise. Including my siblings the chart has 128 people on it. The size of the file is 563 Kilobytes.
  • A text list of the seven generations of ancestors with dates, etc. It is 11 pages of genealogy plus an index of 4 pages all formatted for A4 paper size and the file size is 94 Kilobytes.