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Files of Powys-Lybbe Genealogy
Files Updated: 26th May 2017

For ease of use, just download the top, short GEDCOM file.

This short file has exactly the same genealogy as the other files: the people are the same, the dates are the same, the places are the same. The only difference is that the large GEDCOM file has more biographical information for only 1107 out of the over 29,000 people in all files.

File Type GEDCOM
Content File Size
GEDCOM 5.5 Limited bio for
1107 people 7 Mbyte
GEDCOM 5.5 Fuller bio for
the 1107 people 12 Mbyte

All these files have been ZIPPED so you will need an unzip program to extract them. PC users can try WinZip. RISCOS users can try Spark. Macs with OS 10.4 already have an unzip program.

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