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Ancestors and Relations Excommunicated
by order of the Pope Innocent III
in December 1215 or January 1216

Name Prefix Title Suffix Title (Birth-Death) Relationship General
William III d' Albini Lord of Belvoir >1146-1232 23G Grandfather Of Belvoir castle. Governor of Rochester castle.
Hugh Bigod Earl of Norfolk -<1224 22G Grandfather 3rd earl. A witness to the 1225 Magna Carta confirmation.
Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk -<1221 23G Grandfather 2nd earl. A judge in the King's court.
Henry de Bohun Earl of Hereford 1176-1220 23G Grandfather 1st Bohun earl: 1200. Supported barons re Gt Charter.
Gilbert de Clare Earl of Gloucester ca1180-1230 22G Grandfather 7th Clare earl. 4th earl of Gloucester. 1st Husband.
Richard de Clare Earl of Hertford ca1162-<1217 23G Grandfather 3rd earl. More usually: earl of Clare.
John FitzRobert -1241 22G Grandfather Feudal baron of Warkworth and Clavering.
Robert II FitzWalter Lord of Dunmow -1235 24G Grandfather Of Woodham Walter, Essex.
William de Forz Count of Aumale -1241 3C22R Governor of several castles.
William de Huntingfield -1220 25G Grandfather Baron of Magna Carta. Of Frampton castle, Lincoln. Judge.
John de Lacy Earl of Lincoln ca1192-1240 22G Grandfather 1st earl: 1232. Sheriff of Cheshire in 1237 and 1240.
William de Lanvellei Lord of Stanway -1217 25G Grandfather Of Stanway castle, Essex. Governor of Colchester castle.
William (II) Malet Sir Lord of Curry Mallet ca1180-ca1215 23G Grandfather Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset.
Geoffrey de Mandeville Earl of Essex -1216 22G Uncle dsp. 4th earl. Also earl of Gloucester de jure uxoris.
William Marshal Earl of Pembroke ca1190-1231 23G Uncle 5th earl. dsp. Marshal of England. Justiciar of Ireland.
Roger de Montbegon -ca1226 Half 24G Uncle dsp. Deserted barons after 1 yr, resigned as surety.
Richard de Montfichet ca1193-ca1268 23G Uncle d.unm. dsp. Justice of the king's Forests. Sheriff of Essex.
William de Mowbray Lord of Mowbray -<1224 23G Grandfather Received Stuteville lands, lost Mowbray Norman lands.
Richard de Percy ca1170-ca1244 23G Uncle 2nd s but 1st surv. 5th feudal baron. A justice at York.
Saher IV de Quency Earl of Winchester 1155-1219 23G Grandfather 1st earl. Possibly the author of the Magna Carta.
Robert de Ros ca1170-<1226 23G Grandfather Sheriff of Cumberland. Governor of Carlisle.
Geoffrey (II) de Say ca1180-<1230 23G Grandfather 2nd s. but 1st surv. Of Rochester castle. Mag Cart surety.
Robert de Vere Earl of Oxford >1164-<1221 23G Grandfather 3rd s. 3rd earl. Regularly combined vs John.
Eustace de Vescy ca1170-1216 1C25R Negotiated with William the Lion on behalf of K. John.

They were excommunicated because they had been elected to be trustees or sureties to ensure the king complied with the Magna Carta.

There were originally 25 sureties. Only one, William de Hardell, is not in this database as he was neither an ancestor, nor a relation, nor an in-law.

Of the 22 on the above list, 17 are ancestors and 5 are relations of ancestors. Additionally there were 2 who were in-laws to these.

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