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Here's the main sources I have used in compiling this genealogy

1. Sir John Ramskill Twisden, The Family of Twysden and Twisden, John Murray, ed C H Dudley Ward, DSO, MC, 1939, 1st Edn.
2. G E C et al, Complete Peerage.
3. James Lees-Milne, Beningbrough Hall, National Trust.
4. Ed Athur Searle, The Barrington Family Letters (1628-1632), Royal Historical Society, Camden 4th series, vol 28, 1983.
6. Unknown, Early History of the St John Family, The Mitre Press, 1st.
7. College of Arms, "Powys-Lybbe pedigree," 1920s and 1996, Source of main quarterings. Has a few errors..
8. Martin Powys-Lybbe, The Powys-Lybbes, Privately, with a copy in SOG, 1996, 2nd.
Martin's Magnum Opus to verify from original contemporary sources all that he could of our forebears and of the old family records.
First published within the family in c.1984.
Deposited with the London Society of Genealogists.
In 1999, still being revised.
9. Reginald Cecil Lybbe Powys-Lybbe, Powys-Lybbe genealogy.
These are the various documents he left behing summarising his researches. They included:
(1) His master tree of all families married by our forebears.
(2) His formal pedigree of the Powyses, in the style of Burke.
(3) His two pages of trees of various descents from medieval royalty, including the Trotters back to the Scottish Stewarts.
(4) His trees of the recent Trotter marriages.

Remarkably most of this has proved to be confirmed by publicly available documents and some of it is a remarkable set of findings. One or two errors have appeared, mainly where he got the wrong wife as the ancestor. Perhaps only 20% of this remains to be checked, principally the families married into by the Trotters in the 18th and 19th centuries.

However his besetting and frustrating fault is his almost invariable omission of sources and similarly of dates.

I suspect he relied heavily on Burke's Extinct Peerage, judging by the heavily thumbed copy in APL's possession in 1999. But there is also evidence that went to various libraries and paid handsomely for primary documentary evidence of some 16th and 17th century families.

Nevertheless most of my work has been to extend and verify his enormous efforts. He really was a serious genealogist (like Martin but who follows the stricter regime of the last quarter of the 20th century) and I have considerable admiration for what he found out.
10. Ruvigny, Plantagenet Roll, NEHGS, 1994 reprint.
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51. Johnson Atkinson Busfeild, Fragments of Bingley parish, Privately printed by Henry Gaskarth, Bradford in 1875, only 1.
The full title:

relating to the
History of Bingley Parish
Its ancient church and the Ryshforth chapel
of the
Busfeilds of Ryshforth and Upwood
and the
Ferrands of Skipton, Harden Grange, and St Ives
including brief
biographical notices, with other genealogical particulars.
Compiled from "Thoresdby's Ducatues Leodienses" (1715), Whitaker's "History of the
Deanery of Craven", Burke's "History of the Commoners", Foster's "Pedigrees of Yorkshire Families"
and private family records

Illustrated by engravings and numerous family portraits

52. Joan A Carew Richardson, "Beddington Carews," 8th Sept 1999, T F Powys-Lybbe.
53. Newmarket, Birth Certificate.
The birth certificate of Eliza Bartholomew, initially discovered on the 1881 census as bron in Newmarket.
54. "Re Bowkers," 1999 on, TFPL's.
Letters from Rose Hay, grand-daughter of Claude Herbert Bowker.
55. "Bowkers GEDCOM," Oct 1999, Rose Hay.
56. BMD Certificates for UK.
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Includes a significant section on Thmasine Barrington, nee Totham
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MI's of Canaan (Masemure estate), Mausoleum
Westmoreland, Jamaica:
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Written in the late 11th or early 12th century. Orginal manuscript is lost, but a single copy survives which has been printed (in Laten) in "Symeonis monachie opera omnia" (Rolls Series 75), ed. T. Arnold, 1882-5, 1:215-220.

Ex inform Ray Phair on soc.genealogy.medieval on 18 Aug 2001.
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