See E1/5/1D/2

See E1/5/1D/2


E1/X/1    Letter                                 3 Nov 1810
     1.   John Nicholls
     2.   P.L. Powys, esq., Hardwicke.
  As to Manor of Gatehampton

E1/X/2    Letter and Receipt                 13-16 Jun 1690
     1.   Richard Lybbe
     2.   Mr. Teryl
     3.   Mary Wild
  Letter from R. Lybbe instructing Mr. Teryl to pay £16 to Mary
Wild, widow, (late wife of Justinian Wild), living at the Sunne
in Noble Street, London.
  Receipt by 3. to 2. for £16 paid for surrender to 1. of an
estate in Goring.

E1/X/3    Receipt                               24 Oct 1709
     1.   Wm. Turton
     2.   Richard Lybbe, jnr, esq.
          Estates in Oxfordshire & Berkshire
  Consideration:  £28-15-0

E1/X/4    Letters (2)                      21 & 23 Sep 1840
     1.   John Richards, Jnr
     2.   H.P. Powys, esq.
  Re Goring Heath Charity and Goring Pound, and Great Western

E1/X/5    Copy/Case and Opinion                  7 Aug 1843
     H.P. Powys, esq.
  As to the assessment of Beech Woods in Goring to the Highway

E1/X/6    Bond                                   5 May 1618
     1.   Charles Blunt of Maple Durham, esq.
     2.   Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq.
  Consideration:  £300

E1/X/7    Recognizance to carry out covenant     8 Nov 1634
     1.   Sir John Jepson of Frayle,          Southampton, knight
     2.   Richard Lybbe of Hardwick
  2. to pay 1. £1,040

E1/X/8    Receipt                                8 Jul 1663
     1.   Henry Barker of Chisweeke, Middlesex, esq.
     2.   Anthony Libb of Hardwicke, esq.
  Payment of debt due to 1. from Sir Henry Sambourne, kt.
  Consideration:  £850

E1/X/9    Quitclaim                             22 Nov 1665
     1.   William Boden of Redding, Berks
     2.   Anthony Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq.
  All actions, suits, bills etc.

E1/X/10   Receipt                              17th Century
     1.   Nathaniel Creswell of Basildon, Berks
     2.   Richard Lybbe, esq.
  Receipt for £20 in Satisfaction of portion given to 1. by his
  Consideration:  £20.

E1/X/11   Assignment of Debts                    4 Aug 1703
     1.   John Hide of Kingston Lisle, Berks.
     2.   Richard Libe of Hardwicke, gent.
  1. assigns to 2. sums of money owing to 1. in trust
to pay debts that 1. owes to 2.
   Consideration:  5/-

E1/X/12   Case and Opinion                      Circa 1710
     1.   Richard Lybbe, esq., Admin. of Sophia Hide, widow, dec’d
     2a.  Frederick Hide   )
      b.  Richard Norbury  ) & others
  Re Mrs Hyde’s (formerly Sohia [Sophia] Lybbe’s ) jointure.

E1/X/13   Copy/Case and Opinion                ? circa 1710
     Gertrude Hyde, widow of Humphrey Hyde
  Joynture on death of Humphrey Hyde.

E1/X/14   Letter & Minutes of Court Decree      17 Jul 1711
     1.   Tho. Harrison
     2.   Dr.Merrick in Reading, Berks.
  Letter and decree of the court in the case Lybbe vs. Hyde re
payment of a debt.

E1/X/15   Promissory Note, Account & Receipt  14 Jan 1713/4
                                       - 5 Apr(?) 1715
     1.   Richard Lybbe
     2.   Francis Heywood, junior
  a) Debt of £56 owed by 1. to 2.
  b) Payment of two sums of £20.
  c) Receipt for £7-10-0.

E1/X/16   Case and Opinion                      13 May 1731
     1.   Phillip Powys
     2.   Tho. Lutwych
  As to the purchase of lands with £12,000 left for that purpose
under the will of Sir [probably Thomas Powys, as he left that
amount to his son Philip.]

E1/X/17   Accounts Book                         1 Dec 1742
                                      - 22 Feb 1754
“An account of what I have received from Mrs. Lybbes effects &
Jointure since her death, which was on Tuesday 30th November
1742“ [note date]

E1/X/18   Account                               20 Jul 1747
                                          -27 Feb 1759
     1.   Thos.Burnett
     2.   Philip Powys, esq.

E1/X/19   Account of:                           11 Nov 1750
                                           -16 Nov 1751
      1.   R.Simeon
      2.   Philip Powys, esq.

E1/X/20   Account  Book  of:                         1751-1754
      Mr  Powys
      Richard Simeon

E1/X/21   Rental Account book of:                 1755-1767
     Philip Powys & Philip Lybbe Powys, esqs.

E1/X/22   Diary of:                                    1809
     Philip Powys, esq.
E1/X/23   Memorandum                            20  Jan  1813
  “The Settlement dated 14th September 1672 is in the hands of
Mr John Blandy and was taken from this parcel of Deeds the 20th
January 1813“

E1/X/24   Letter & Statement of Account         25 Jan 1813
     1.   M. Blount
     2.   P.L. Powys, esq., Hardwick House.

E1/X/25   Letter from:                          27 Oct 1819
     1.   Wm. Braikeridge, Solicitor
     2.   Philip Lybbe Powys, Esq, Hardwick
  Re proposed purchase of lands

E1/X/26         Letter                                16 Apr 1822
     1.   W. Andrews
     2.   P.L. Powys, esq.
  Re Hardwick

E1/X/27   Letter from:                          28 Jun 1823
     1.   W. Andrews
     2.   P.L. Powys, esq.
  Re Hardwick

E1/X/28   Copy/Residuary Account with           27 Apr  1841
     Accounts of Debt annexed
     Henry Philip Powys, esq.
  Personal Estate of Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick, esq., who
died on the 11th March 1838.

E1/X/29   Notebook                                   ? 1744
     Henley Grammer School
     a.   Catalogue of Books in the school library 1736
     b.   Abstract of Letters Patent
     c.   Copy of Letters Patent granted by James I 1604
     d.   Extracts from Trasurers Book
     e.   List of Scholmasters & Ushers 1627-1731
     f.   Extract from Will of Augustur Knapp
     g.   Account of Ushers’ Salary
     h.   Account of masters’ Salary
     i.   Stonehouse Rents, etc.
     j.   Allowances made to Masters or Ushers Salary

E1/X/30   Admission to Holy orders              28 Jun 1684
  James Libbe, M.A., fellow of St. John the Baptist College,

E1/X/31   Copy of Oath                          31 May 1675
  Richard Lybbe esq.
  Oath of office as Justice of the Peace.

E1/X/32   Bond                                1 Jan 1712/13
     Parties:      1.   Sabastian Smith of Oxford
     2.   Richard Lybbe, junior, sheriff of Oxon, of Hardwick.
  Sheriff’s Officer’s Bond for performance of covenants by
Francis Heywood the younger of Oxford, gent.
  Consideration:  £50

E1/X/33   Bond                                1 Jan 1712/13
     1.   Thomas Rowney of Oxford, esq.
     2.   Richard Lybbe the younger of Hardwick, esq., Sheriff
            of Oxon.
  Sheriff’s  Officer’s  bond for performance of covenants by
Francis Heywood the younger, of Oxford, gent
  Consideration:  £50.

E1/X/34   Bond                                1 Jan 1712/13
     1.   Francis Heywood, junior, of Oxford, gent.
     2.   Richard Lybbe, junior of Hardwick, Sheriff of Oxon.
  Sheriff’s officer’s Bond for performance of covenants
  Consideration:  £1,000

E1/X/35   Letter Patent                         27 Dec 1739
     Parties:     Philip Powys, esq.
  Appointment to Office of Sheriff of the County of Oxford.

E1/X/36   Letters Patent                        27 Dec 1739
     Philip Powys, esq.
  Patent of Assistance re Office of Sheriff of the county of

E1/X/37   Appointment                        22 Jan 1739/40
     1.   Philip Powys of hardwick, esq., High Sheriff of Oxon.
     2a.  Henry Turner of St. Andrews, Holborn, Middlesex, gent.
      b.  Edward Clarke of St Andrews, Holborn.
  Office of Undersheriff of Oxon

E1/X/38   Appointment                            1 May 1778
     1.   George, Duke and Earl of Marlborough, etc.,
            Lord Lieutenant of Oxford.
     2.   Philip Lybbe Powis, esq.
  Office of Deputy Lieutenent for the County of Oxford.

E1/X/39   Draft/Bill                         ? 16th Century
     Richard Libb of Hardwick.
  Bill in Chanery for stinting Whichchurch Commons.

E1/X/40   Declaration & Covenant                23 Jul 1841
     1.   Henry Philip Powys of Hardwick.
     2a.  George Michell of Fisherton Anger, Wilts, general
            in H. M. Army. [2nd cousin of HPP]
      b.  Henry George Hulton of Lincolns Inn, esq.
      c.  James Dolt Hulton of Trinity College, Cambridge, esq.
      d.  Brensby William Powys of Staple Inn, gent.
  Redemption of Land Tax in Whitchurch & Goring.

E1/X/41   Copy/Case                                    1843
     for:     H.P. Powys, esq.
   As to the assessment of Beech woods in Whitchurch to the
Highway Rate.


BERKSHIRE     ALDERMASTON     E1/19/1D/1 - 2

E1/19/1D/1     Final Concord                         11 Nov 1618
     1.   Richard Lybbe, gent, querens.
     2.   Humfrey Forster, gent and
          Ann his wife.
  32 acres of meadow in Aldermaston, Berks.

E1/19/1D/2     Bargain & Sale (counterpart)           5 May 1621
     1.   Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq.
     2.   Sir Humfreye Forster of Aldermaston, Berks, bart.
  Meadowe grounde in Aldermaston, called Alermeade; 9 acres in
Eastmeade in Aldermaston
  Consideration:  Sum of money


E1/19/2D/1     Assignment of residue of term       18 Feb 1641/2
               of 2,000 years upon trust
     1a.  John Trulocke of Appleford, Berks, yeoman.
      b.  Anne, wife of 1a.
      c.  Elizabeth Trulocke, widdowe, mother of 1a.
      d.  William Burges of Westminster, gent.
      e.  Joane wife of 1d.
      f.  Edmund Bradstocke of Appleford, gent
     2a.  Richard Libbe, of Hardwick, esq.
      b.  Anthony Libbe, son & heire apparent of 2a.
      c.  John Norden of London, esq.
  Messuage called Barnards and + yard land or arble, meadowe and
pasture: also + yard land or arrable, meadowe & pasture; common
of pasture & feeding for 4 horses & 30 sheepe in Appleford.
  Consideration:  £255; £180

E1/19/2D/2     Accounts & Receipts                   11 Sep 1665
     Edmund Bradstock
  Lands in Appleford & Selchester


E1/19/3D/1     Agreement of Assignment                1 Apr 1635
     1.   Lord Bishopp of Rochester
     2a.  Richard Libb of Hardwick, esq.
      b.  Anthony Blagrave of Sunning (Sonning), Berks.
  Wardshipp of the body and lands of Edward Stafford, the sonne
& heire of Sir Edward Stafford, of Bradfield, Berks, kt.

E1/19/3D/2     Bond (annexes to E1/19/3D/1)           1 Apr 1635
     1.   John, Lord Bishop of Rochester
     2a.  Richard Libb of Hardwick, esq.
      b.  Anthony Blagrave of Sunning, Berks, esq.
  Performance of covenants contained in Articles of Agreement of
even date.
  Consideration:  £1,000.


E1/19/4D/1     Counterpart/Lease for 14 years        14 Dec 1794
     1.   Barbara Girle of Henley-upon-Thames,
     2.   John Louch of Bucklebury, Berks, victualler & yeoman.
  Messuage with appurtenances & lands (36 acres arable; 8 acres
meadow & pasture), in Bucklebury
  Consideration:  Rent  £30 p.a.


E1/19/5D/1     Copy Lease for use of Minor           10 Aug 1653
     1.  Anthony Blagrave, the younger of Bulmersh, parish
           of Sonning, Berks, gent.
     2.  Anthony Barker of Sonning, esq.
         Richard Knollys of Winchendon, Bucks.and
         Anthony  Lybb of Goring, gent.
  Manor of Bulmersh alias Bulmersh Court, in the counties of
Berks and Oxon and the mansion house called Bulmersh alias
Bulmersh Court in the parish of Sonning and all the lands,
tenements called Greys, Allens, Sheepham, Great Foldwinds and
Little Foldwinds, 2 piddles and 8 acres of arable land (premises
and land in Sonning which is named, boundaries given and fields



See also  E1/2/1D/3, 5, 8-9, 12,19

E1/19/6D/1     Lease for 21 years                    28 May 1544
     1.   Thomas Heydok of Greywell, esq.
     2.   Thomas Potynger
  One messuage with croft & meadow adjacent in Burfyld, Berks
  Consideration:  Rent  20/- p.a.


E1/19/7D/1     Lease for 85 years                     3 Sep 1638
     1.   Emma Allen of Abingdon, Berks, widow and
          Elizabeth Allen  daughter of Emma.
     2.   Sir Henry Samburne of Moulsford, Berks, knight and
          Henry Samburne esq, son and heir.
  Lands, tenements in Cholsey called the breach grounds and
Moorehooks alias Morehocks and other parcels of ground called

See E1/9/2D/2


E1/19/8D/1     Rental                                       1600
         Tenements at Hurley


See also E1/2/1D/5, 8-9, 12, 19

E1/19/9D/1     Exemplification of Final Concord      12 Nov 1510
     1a.  Thomas Haydok esq.
      b.  Cristine, wife of 1a, one of the daughters
            and heirs of Thomas Lofyngcote.
     2a.  Oliver Hyde, esq.
      b.  Agnes, wife of 2a. the other daughter & heir of
            Thomas Lofyngcote.
  12 acres meadow in Tylehurst.
  Consideration:  £40 sterling

E1/19/9D/2     Lease for 3 lives                      7 Jun 1647
     1.   Anthony Libb of Purley, Berks, gent
     2.   Oliver Jourden of Purley, Berks, gent
  2 acres arable in Westwook feild; 2 acres arable Cockleyhale
field. 2 acres arrable in Lowdham field; 2 lott acres of meadowe
in Westdokes in Theale meade; 1 acre in Kernham in Purley;
common for 20 sheepe, 2 cowes & two bullocks; right of way
through Kernham ground, all lands being in Tilehurst & Purley.
   Consideration:  1/-p.a. rent

PURLEY, BERKSHIRE     E1/19/10D/1 - 4

E1/19/10D/1    Lease for 21 years                     1 May 1794
     1.   Philip Lybbe Powys, the younger of Hardwick House, Oxfon, esq.
     2.   Edward Sherwood of Purley, Berks, gent.
  Messuage or farmhouse with the barns, stables, cowhouse,
carthouse and other outbuildings, with the gardens belonging and
also those closes or inclosed grounds of arable land containing
65 acres and 1 rood and also those several peices or parcels of
arable land lying dispersed in the common fields of Purley
containing 55 acres and 3 roods and also all those closes or
inclosed pieces of meadow land in Purley containing 14 acres,
close or piece of meadow called the moor containing 7 acres,
pieces of meadow land lying dispersed in the common meads of
Purley containing 6 acres and those closes or inclosed grounds
of meadow or pasture containing 38 acres in the parish of Purley.

E1/19/10D/2    Ctpt/Lease for 3 lives                31 Aug 1799
     1a.  Philip Lybbe Powys, late of Hardwick, now of Fawley, Bucks, esq.
      b.  Philip Lybbe Powys the younger of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   Francis Loader of Tilehurst, Berks, yeoman.
  2 parcels arable in West Wood field; 2 acres arable in Cockley
Hale field; 2 acres arable in Lewdham field; 2 lot acres of
meadow in the West Doles in Theale Mead; Close of arable called
Jourdens Close (1+ acres) Common for 20 sheep, 2 cows, 2
bullocks in Purley and Tilehurst.
  Consideration:  £60

E1/19/10D/3    Lease for 16 years                     1 Mar 1813
     1.   Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick, esq.
     2a.  John Sherwood of Reading, Berks, surgeon
          (Exors of their late Brother, Edward Sherwood, dec’d).
  Farm House with Barn, Stables, etc, at Purley; 65 acres, 1
rood arrable; 55 acres, 3 roods in Purley Common fields; 14
acres Meadow; Meadow called the Moor (7 acres); 6 acres Meadow;
38 acres meadow or Pasture; all being in Purley.
  Consideration:  Rent £225 p.a. for 1st 2 years, thence £480 p.a.

E1/19/10D/4    Copy/Lease for 3 lives                17 Oct 1818
     1.   Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   John Loader of Tilehurst, Berks, yeoman.
  4 acres, 2 roods, 16 perces land in Cockney Hale Field,
Tilehurst; 2  acres 3 roods, 18 perches in Langley Meadow,
Tilehurst; Founders Close (1+ acres) Purley.
  Consideration:  £21  Rent 5/- p.a.

READING, BERKSHIRE     E1/19/11D/1 - 4

See also E1/1/1D/13, E1/5/1D/9, E1/10/10D/1

E1/19/11D/1    Covenant to stand seized to uses     2 Jan 1631/2
     1a.  Richard Libbe of Hardwick, Esq.
      b.  Ann, wife of 1a.
     2a.  John Blagrave of Southcott, Berks, kt.
      b.  Anthony Blagrave of Bulmarsh, Berks, esq
          friend of 1b.
  Capitall messuage with appurtenences in the parish of St. Mary
in Reading, on the south side of the streate leading from Castle
Streat towards Minster Streate; barn situate on the same side of
the said streate; 2 meadows in Reading.

E1/19/11D/2    Bond                                   5 Sep 1649
     1.   Anthony Metcalfe of Readinge, Berks, gent.
     2.   John Webbe of Readinge, clothier
  Performance of covenants contained in pair of Indentures of
even date with this bond.
     Consideration:  £0

E1/19/11D/3    Counterpart Release (following        21 Sep 1687
               Lease for a year)
     1.   Richard Libbe of Hardwick, sone & heire
            of Anthony Libbe, dec’d.
     2.   Edward Froome of Reading, Clothier
  Messuages in St. Mary parish, Reading, meadow plot (3 acres)
called Winches mead in the St. Giles parish, Reading.
  Consideration:  £520.

E1/19/11D/4    Extract from Register of Burials      18 Jan 1803
     Mrs Mary Talfound of St. Mary, Reading, dec’d
  Register of Burials in Broad Street Chapel, Reading, Berks,
being the Registry Book of Burials for the Society of Protestant
    “Jan. 18th 1803.  The Remains of Mrs. Mary Telford aged 72
years of the Parish of St. Mary, Reading, were interred by me“
    “Archd. Douglas P.D.M.”


E1/19/12D/1    Quitclaim                              3 Nov 1649
     1.   Francis Hildisley of Little Stoake, esq.
     2.   Richard Libb
  All claim in the manor of Little Shefford
  Consideration:  £700.

E1/19/12D/2    Quitclaim                             21 Jul 1652
     1.   Edmund Bruning of Brandeane, Southampton, gent and
          Ann my wife.
     2.   Richard Libbe of Hardwick, esq.
  Right of 1. in following assigned to him by Manor and Lordship
of Little Shefford, Berks, with the messuages, farms, lands,
tenements, meadows which was leased by Henry Winchcombe, father
of Ann above to raise marriage portions for his children to
William Eyston, Thomas Howard and Richard Libbe for 31 years,
Richard Libbe later assigned his term to 1.

See also E1/2/1D/3, 5, 8-9, 12, 18-19, E1/10/10D/1


See E1/1/1D/6-7,9

E1/19/13D/1    Feoffment (Counterpart)               29 Oct 1622
     1a.  Anthony Blagrave senior of Sonning, Berks, esq.
      b.  Richard Libbe of Hardwick, Whitchurch esq.
     2.   John Blagrave of Reading, knight.
  Manor of Sulham, Berks, with all messuages, houses lands etc.


E1/19/14D/1    Deputation of Office of Bailiff     20 Feb 1660/1
     1.   Anthony Lybb of Whitchurch, esq.
     2.   Walter Cozens of Stoke Talmage, yeoman.
  Office of Bailiff of the Courts Leet & Views of frank-pledge
of Little Rissenden (Glos), Cherrington (Glos), Okebourne
(Wilts), Ardington (Berks), Donnyngton (Berks); Clopham (Beds),
Wannden (Bucks); Wingrave (Bucks), Queynton (Bucks), Shabendon
(Bucks), Bucester (Bicester), Okehide, Clanfield, Throppe
(Thrupp), Horsepath, Westbery (Bucks) Hynton with Duxford
(Berks), Sutton Scotney, Allyngton, Dipden (Hants).

E1/19/14D/2    Deputation of Office of Bailiff    20 Feb 1660/1
     1.   Anthony Lybbe of Whitchurch, esq.
     2a.  William Johnson of Watlington, yeoman
      b.  Christopher Johnson of Watlington, yeoman
  Office of Bailiff of the Castle or Mannor of Wallingford; the
Courts Leet and Views of frankpledge of Purley & Clapcot
(Berks), Wooxbridge (Uxbridge) (Middlesex), Wickham (Wycombe)
and Little Marlow (Bucks), Princes Rysborough & Monks Rysborough
(Bucks), all being part of the Honor of Ewelme.
  Consideration:  5/-

DEVON AND SOMERSET     E1/20/1D/1 - 2

See also  E1/25/1D/1-2

E1/20/1D/1     Feoffment                          21 Mar 1519/20
     1.   Richard Lybbe
     2a.  Thomas Englefield, esq,
      b.  John Hopton, gent.
      c.  Richard Holt of London, merchant tayllor
      d.  Nicholas Waring of London, merchant
      e.  Thomas Vachett, gent
      f.  Walter Barton, gent
      g.  William Martyn, cloyther
      h.  William Justice of Redyng
      i.  Richard Mays of Trvystock, Devon, merchant
      j.  Richard Baronse
      k.  John Sawle
  Messuage, lands & tenements in Tavystock, in the parishes of
Tavystock & Taunnton, Devon. (Settlement on the marriage of 1.
to Brigitte, daughter of 2h.)

E1/20/1D/2     Counterpart/Grant                     26 May 1598
     1.   Richard Lybb of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   Thomas Hole of Charleton, Wilts, gent.
  Annuall rent of 24/- issuing out of land at Rubeys in
Woodenesse in the Tethinge of Hardwicke in Tavestock, Devon, and
all right, title, interest in the said lands.
     Consideration:  £19-4-0.

DORSET     E1/21/1D/1

E1/21/1D/1     Copy/Release (following               10 Oct 1694
               Lease for a year) upon Trust
     1.   Francis Tipping of Wheatfield, spinster.
     2a.  William Tipping of Ewelme, gent.
      b.  Richard Lybb the younger of Hardwick, gent
  Half part of the Manor of Blackmuston in the Isle of Purbeck,
  Consideration:  5/-

ESSEX     E1/22/1D/1

E1/22/1D/1     Release to appoint new Trustees        2 May 1739
     1.   John Wallis of Southgate alias Southstreet,
            parish of Edmunton Middlesex, esq, and
          Robert Peters of Middle Temple esq, surviving
            Trustees of the charity of Sir John Weld, Knight.
     2.   Revd. John Harrison of Southgate clerk
            and Curate of the chapel.
     3.   Thomas Jackson of Southgate esq,
          James Colebrooke, John Nicoll, Charles  Pole,
          Henry Overton and James Ruck,
            inhabitants of the Ward of South Street.
  Messuage situate in Orsett, Essex, now in the tenure of Thomas
Hare and 1 croft of land called Stanfords containing 3 acres and
that close of land called the Broomfield containing 11 acres, 1
close of land containing 3 acres called Coney borough field or
Broomfield and that  close  called  Peartree  close containing 4
acres, 1 close of land containing 5 acres called Broomfield,
close of land called South Barnfield where south barn stood
containing 33 acres and all that coppice called Rousdens
containing 14 acres, 3 closes, containing 35 acres called thirty
five acres close.

HAMPSHIRE     E1/23/1D/1

E1/23/1D/1     Marriage Settlement                   12 Sep 1604
     1a.       Robert Noyes the elder of Andover, Hants, gent.
      b.       Robert Noyes the younger, gent. [note name]
     2a.       Richard Libbe ) [Note legit son put first]
      b.       John Libbe    ) gentlemen.
  Manor, capital messuage etc of Heatherdene in King’s
Hetherdene in Co. of Southampton; 300 acres arable , 20 acres
meadow, 80 acres pasture, 50 acres wood, 50 acres furze & heath.
Also tenement called Dollinges & 30 acres arable, 2 acres
pasture, 3 acres wood in Waighe hill in Hants; Capitall mess. in
Tangley, Hants & 2 other messuages. Lands in Andover, King’s
Hetherdene, Waighhill, Nutbeame, Penyton, Grafton.
   (Marriage of 1b with Anne Libbe, sister of 2a. & 2b.)

KENT     E1/24/1D/1 - 2

E1/24/1D/1     Bond                                  18 Aug 1658
     1a.  George Brown   ) of greate Shefford
      b.  John Brown     ) otherwise West Shefford,
      c.  William Brown  ) Berks, gents.
     2.   Anthony Lybb of Hardwicke, esq.
  Indemnity from suits and claims arising from the sale of the
Manor of Wickham Brows, als Browx, Kent, to Sir Richard Blunt of
Mapledurham (now dec’d) and Richard Lybb of Hardwick (now dec’d)
upon trust.
  Consideration:  £5,000

E1/24/1D/2     Lease for a year (Release missing)    14 May 1706
     1.   Dame Frances Twisden of St. Margaret’s Westminster,
            Middx. widow and
          Sir Thomas Twisden of Roydon Hall, baronet.
     2.   Robert Taylor of West Malling, Kent, gent.
  Manor or Lordships of Albons alias Wimplingbury, Homewood
alias Confers, alias Broomes, Castmere, Chart Westburyes alias
Westberryes and Cheesehouse, Kent. Also the curtilage, rectory
or parsonage of Hadlow Ward in the parish of Hadlow, Kent and
the farm with the barns, stables, outhouses containing 30 acres,
now in the occupation of Thomas Barton. Also that messuage with
barns, stables, outhouses, gardens, orchards containing 100
acres situate in Watringbury and Mereworth. Also a farm called
Stilstead with all barns, stables outhouses, buildings, gardens,
orchard and lands contining 100 acres in East Peckham and
Hadlow, farm called Jordans with all the barns, stables,
outhouses containing 36 acres situate in East Peckham now in the
occupation of Thomas Pattendon, farm containg 70 acres in East
Peckham, now in the tenure of John Hipping. All those lands
called Pimpherst to the manor of Cheesehouse adjoining, being in
the parishes of Bethersden and Pluckley Kent now in the tenure
of John Medhurst. Also lands and tenements formerly called Great
Leas, Miles Bowes and Rempes in Romney Marsh within the parishes
of St. Martins Powntney alias New Romney and Newchurchand those
lands and tenements called the Rithinfields, the Horefields,
Dorrells, Bottoms and Little Wills Hornes lying in the parishes
of Rennarton and Appledore and also that mansion house called
Royden Hall alias Fortune in East Peckham with all buildings
belonging and that park and the land inclosed and land amounting
to 500 acres in East Peckham, Nettlestead, Watringbury,
Mereworth and Hadlow. Also those messuages or tenements,
cottages, farms, land, arable, meadow, pasture situate in the
parishes of East and West Peckham, Watringbury, Mereworth,
Nettlestead, Yalding, Brenchley, Hadlow, Tonbridge, Oddington,
Trottiscliffe and Wrotham.

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