See also                       E1/1/1D/12, 13, 17-18, 20, 26-27,
    56-57, 59-62, 66-71, 73-75, E1/3/1D/7, 22, E1/3/1D/9,  
E1/9/2D/5, E1/10/8D/1

E1/2/1D/1 Copy/Depositions                          1463/4
     Deponents for Thomas Luffyngcote
       Henry Hobbs of Southwerk, yeomand
       James Chedsey of Cheveley (Chieveley), Berks
       William Wattys under parker of the parke of Crokehin, Berks
       John Hyde of Redyng, gent
     Deponents for Ric. Bulstrode
       Thomas Perkyns of Ufton, Berks, Gentleman
  Depositions of Witnesses re the Will of Johanna Ralegh, in the
Suit Bulstrode v Luffyngcote.
  Manor of Ilvendeon, Goring and manor of Woodcote, Southstoke.

E1/2/1D/2 Copy/Depositions                           1463/4    
  Depositions of witnesses in the proving of the will
of Johanna Ralegh, devising the Manor of Ilvendon to Thomas
This document has the public notary marks of William Parker of
Norwich on it.

E1/2/1D/3 Lease for 3 lives                   28 Feb 1591/2
     1.   William Hide of Kingstonw, Lisle, Berks,
     2a.  Thomas Marten of Elvenden, Goringe, yeoman
      b.  Dionise, wife of 2a
      c.  Katherin, daughter of 2a
  Suit and Demesne Lands of the Manor of Elvenden, with
buildings etc and lands etc., belonging, except woodlands; also
Messuage in Goring and Whitchurch called Ladie grove; 2 meadow
plots called Lyttle Roundsfordw and Great Rounsforde in
Streatley (except fishing rights) 1 croft and 2 meadows in
Burfielde (except fishing).
  Consideration:  £100  Rent £10-5-8d p.a.

E1/2/1D/4 Lease for 3 lives                   26 Feb 1595/6
     1a.  William Hyde of Kyngeston Lisley, Berks, esq
      b.  Katherine, wife of 1a
     2a.  Thomas Pyles of Elvendon, husbandman
      b.  Alice, wife of 2a
      c.  Denise, daughter of 2a
  Cotage and 1 pece of grounde (3 half acres); common of Pasture
for one cowe and tenne sheipe; in the Lordshipe of Elvenden.
     Rent:  6/8d p.a.

E1/2/1D/5 Feoffment                             1 Oct 1598
     1a.  William Hyde of Kynstone Lysle, Berks,
      b.  Geprge Hide, esq, sonne and heire apparent of 1a.
     2.   Dorothie Fitzwilliam, wydowe
  Manor of Elvington, als ELvingden; Elvington farme, 7
messuages; 1 cottage; Heath Slade coppice; in Goringe,
Elvington, Gatehampton, Stoke Abbot and Whitchurch all lands in
Streatley, Tilehurste and Burghfielde, Berks
  Consideration:  £1,166-13-4d.

E1/2/1D/6 Recognizance                        1 Feb 1598/9
     1.   George Hyde of South Denchworth, Berks
     2.   Henry Manfield of Elevedon. Taplow, Bucks
  Manor of Elvington, otherwise Elvenden, Elvington farme; 7
messuages; 1 cottage; Coppice called Heath Slade etc., in
Goringe, Gatehampton, Elvington, Stoke Abbot, Whitchurch.
  Consideration:  £2,400

E1/2/1D/7 Exemplification of a Recovery      12 Feb 1598/9
     1a.  Edmund Rycharde, gent
      b.  Lodovicus Batheme
     2.   Dorothea Fitz Willyam, widow
     3.   George Hyde, esq      - 1st voucher
     4.   Richard Hymfe, gent   - 2nd voucher
  Manor of Elvington alias Elvingden, alias Elvenden,
alias Elveden, 12 messuages, 20 gardens, 500 acres land, 20
acres meadow, 200 acres pasture, 200 acres wood, 300 acres furze
and heath, 20 shillings rent, free-fishing in Thames, etc., in
Elvendon, Goringe, Gatehampton, Stoke Abbott and Whitchurch

E1/2/1D/8 Quit-claim                            15 Jun 1599
     1.   George Hyde of Kinstone Lisle, Berks, esq
     2.   Dorothy Fitzwilliam
  All title, claim, interest in the Manor of Elvington, als
Elvingden, als Elveden, als Elvenden, in Goring; Elvingden
farme; all messuages, lands etc appertaining
   Consideration:  £1,666-13-4d.

E1/2/1D/9 Bargain and Sale (enrolled)         3 Feb 1611/12
     1a.  Sir Francis Smithe of Leics., knight
      b.  Henry Manfield of Bucks, esq
      c.  Sir Edward Manfield, knight, sonne and heire apparent of 1b.
      d.  Dame Marye, wife of 1c.
      e.  Dorithie Fitzwilliam of Bucks, widdowe
     2.   Richard Paslewe of Beache, Goring, gent
  Manor of Elvington, als Elvingdon, Oxon; the farm of
Elvington als Elvingdon, in Goring; 5 messuages; 1 cottage;
Copices, woods etc called Heathe Slade als Heave Slade; fishing
in Thames; all which premises are in Goring, Elvington
Gatehampton, Stoke Abbots and Whitchurch in Oxon, and Streatley,
Tylehurst, and Burghfield, in Berks.
   Consideration:  £1,380

E1/2/1D/10     Covenant to Stand Seized             17 Nov 1612
               to make a jointure
     1.   Richard Paslew of Beech, parish of Goring, gent
     2.   Walter Dayrell of Abingdon, co Berks, esq
          and Samuel Claxon of City of London, draper
  Marriage between 1. and Mary, his now wife and for
her dower. Manors, messuages, cottages, lands, meadows,
pastures, woods in the parishes of Goring, Elvinton, alias
Elvingdon, Gatehampton, Stoke and Whitchurch and in Streatley,
Tilehurst and Burghfield Co. Berks, in the Manor of Elvingdon,
the farm of Elvingdon in Goring, 5 messuages and 1 cottage in
Goring (occupants given) and in all the coppices, woods,
underwoods called heath Slade alias heares slade and in all
those fishing places in the River Thames called Runsford, Co
Oxon and Berks, and in all buildings belonging. Also in closes
of arable and woodground called Broadfield, Perifield,
Martinscroft, Corkshutt close and highwood coppice containing 50
acres now or late parcel of the Manof of Hyde in the parish of
South Stoke (boundaries given).

E1/2/1D/11     Defeasance of Recognizance          20 Oct 1618
     1.   William Alexander, als Millward of Caversham, gent
     2.   Richard Paslewe of Goringe, gent

E1/2/1D/12     Memorandum                         3 Feb 1620/1
                                                    6 Nov 1621
     1.   Richard Parslowe
     2.   Richard Lybbe
  Beach Farme and other lands viz. Yelvington Mannor and farm
etc, formerly purchased on Smyth, Manfield and Fitzwillms

E1/2/1D/13     Defeasance of Recognizance         6 Feb 1620/1
     1.   Richard Perymand, yeoman of his Majesty’s Chamber
     2.   Richard Paslowe of Beach, Oxon
  Payment of part debt of £132 by 8th February 1621/2

E1/2/1D/14     Schedule of Deeds                  9 Feb 1620/1
     1.   Richard Paslewe
     2.   Richard Lybbe
  Deeds delivered by Mr Paslewe to Mr Lybbe.

E1/2/1D/15     Counterpart Lease for 60 years       2 Nov 1621
     1.   Richard Paslewe of Beech, Parish of Goring, gent
     2.   John Allen the elder of Streatley co Berks, yeoman and
          Richard  Allen the younger of Basildon, co Berks, yeoman.
  Manor of Elvington alias Elvingdon Farm and premises and all
messuages, lands meadows, pastures.

E1/2/1D/16     Lease for 60 years                   2 Nov 1621
     1.   Richard Paslewe of Beech parish of Goring, gent
     2.   John Allen the elder of Streatley Co Berks, yeoman and
          Richard  Allen the younger of Basildon Co Berks, yeoman.
  Manor of Elvington alias Elvingden in Goring, 5 messuages and
1 cottage (former occupants given) with coppices, woods called
Heathslade, alias Hareslade and that weir and fishing places and
rights in the River Thames called Runsford in the Co. of Oxon
and Berks. All these premises are situate in the parishes and
townships of Goring, Elvinton, Gatehampton, Stoke Abbotts,
Whitchurch, Atreatley, Tilehurst and Burghfield Co Berks with
all buildings (except the fishing rights).

E1/2/1D/17     Agreement                              7 Nov 1621
     1.   Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq
     2.   Richard Paslewe of Goring, gent

E1/2/1D/18     Counterpart Bargain and               11 Dec 1633
               Sale with Feoffment
     1.   Richard Paslewe of Beech parish of Goring, gent and
          Mary his wife.
     2.   Richard Novice of Southstoke, yeoman and
          Joane Novice his wife
  2 meadows and grounds called great Rounsford and Little Rounsford
within the parish of Streatley, Co Berks, parcel of meadow
ground adjoining Little Rounsford the premises are now or
reputed to be parcel of the Manor of Elvingdon and the weir and
fishing in the River Thames, adjoining to the meadow called
  Consideration:  £138

E1/2/1D/19     Case and Opinion                       7 May 1657
  Beach Farm, Goring, Elvendon Manor and Farm and lands in the
parishes of Goring, Elvington, Gatehampton, Stoke and
Whitchurch, Oxon, and Streatley, Tylehurst and Burfield, Berks.

E1/2/1D/20     Mortgage by way of Demise for          4 May 1659
     2,000 years
     1.   Anthony Libb of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   Thomas Rich of Sunning (Sonning), Berks,
     3.   Ellis Goodwyn of Henley upon Thames, esq.
  Mannor of Westbrook, als Little Purley, als Purlew; Westbrooke
Farme; Mannor of Elvingdon, als Elvenden; Beach Farme, Goaring;
40 acres land in Goring; crofts, fields and closes etc called
Broad field, Perye field, Martins croft, Cockshute close and
High wood Copice (50 acres) in Southstoke
  Consideration:  £3,000

E1/2/1D/21     Mortgage by way of Release            7 Dec 1660
               (following Lease for a year)
     1.   Anthony Libb of Hardwicke, esq
     2a.  John Blagrave of Bulmarsh, Berks, esq.
      b.  William Trumbull of East Hamstead, Berks
      c.  John Norden of Bodbury, Wilts, esq.
  Mannor of Elvington, Goring; Beach Farme, Goring;
Mannor of Little Purley and Westbrooke Farme; Assignment of
previous mortgage
  Consideration:  £700

E1/2/1D/22     Counterpart Lease for 80 years        6 Apr 1669
     1.   Anthony Lybbe of Hardwick, esq
     2.   William Burley of Wallingford, malster
  Barn standing on the waste ground of the Manor of
Ilvendon in the parish of Goring near to Cleeve Mill and all
that parcel of ground now used for a wharf upon part where the
barn stands, containing 1 rood of land and it is now separated,
divided and closed.

E1/2/1D/23     Lease for 42 years                    12 Oct 1670
     1.   Anthony Lybbe of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   Dyer Colston of Oxford, gent
  Capitall Messuage of Elvenden in Goring, called Elvendon farm
house also closes called Parke Croft, the Heyfields, Long Close,
White Hill Great Roxalls, Little Roxhalls, Axhton Grove, Parke
Hill, 2 closes on Juniper Hill and 1 pidle belonging;
Waterperryes Ground Old Elvenden Close and 2 piddles; Nutheyse
Close; 40 acres arable; Little Roxhalls Close (2 acres); 6 acres
meadow. Total 222 acres.
   Consideration:  £70 p.a.

E1/2/1D/24     Lease for a year                      25 Mar 1698
     1.   Richard Lybbe the elder of Hardwicke, esq
     2.   John Crace of Ilvenden, als Elvingdon
             als Elvendon, Goreing, yeoman
  As cat. no. E1/2/1D/25
  Consideration:  5/-

E1/2/1D/25     Mortgage by way of Release            26 Mar 1698
     (following Lease for a year)
     1.   Richard Lybbe the elder of Hardwicke
     2.   John  Crace of Ivenden, als Elvingdon, als Elvenden,
            Goreing, yeoman.
  Elvenden Farme, Goreing; Beach Farme in Goreing and Southstoke.
  Consideration:  £2,000

E1/2/1D/26     Counterpart/Mortgage by way           26 Mar 1698
               of Release
     1.   Richard Lybbe the elder of Hardwicke
     2.   John Crace of Ilvenden, als Elvingdon, als Elvenden,
            Goreing, yeoman.
  As cat. no. E1/2/1D/25
  Consideration:  £2,000

E1/2/1D/27     Bond                                  28 Oct 1710
     1a.  Richard Lybbe, senior, of Hardwicke, esq
      b.  Richard Lybbe, junior, of Hardwicke, esq
     2.   John Crace of Ilvington, Goreing, yeoman
  Consideration:  £400

E1/2/1D/28     Lease for a year                      10 Aug 1713
     1.   John Crace of Ilvenden, als Elvingdon, als Elvenden,
             Goreing, yeoman
     2a.  Sir Thomas Twysden of East Malling, Kent, bart
      b.  Sir William Twysden of East Peckham, Kent, bart
      c.  Anthony Blagrave of Southcott, Berks
      d.  Edward Hungerford of Burghfield, Berks
  Capitall messuage and farme called Ilvenden, als Elvingdon,
als Elvenden farme, in Goreing.
  Consideration:  5/-  Peppercorn rent

E1/2/1D/29     Abstract of Title                           1730
  Manor of Elvington; Elvington Farme 6 mesuages, 1 cottage;
woodland; in parishes of Goreing, Elvington, Gatehampton Stoke
Abbott, Whitchurch.  Abstract from 1st October 40 Eliz (1598) to
27th September 1710.

E1/2/1D/30     Bond                                  1 Aug 1757
     1a.  Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
      b.  Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick, esq., son of 1a.
     2.   Rev. John Gabriel of Reading, clerk
  Consideration:  £6,600

E1/2/1D/31     Draft/Valuation                  (? 18th century)
  Elvingdon Farm, Goring

E1/2/1D/32     Ctpt/Lease for 14 years               10 Oct 1839
     1.   Henry Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   William Curtis of Goring, Farmer.
  Elvenden Farm House, etc (2a Or.13p) Ashen Grove
(24a.2r.7p.); Old Ilvingdon Ground (6a.2r.1p); Common Barn
Ground, otherwise Great Water Perrys  (13a.3r.11p.); Little
Heath Ground (5a.10p.); Upper Hay Field (41a.3r.21p.); Lower Hay
Field (40a.3r.14p.); Further Rocks Hill (14a.0r.20p.) Long Rocks
Hill (8a.3r.4p.); White Hill (40a.3r.37p.); White Hill Shaws
(2a.0r.29p.) all situate near Elvenden in Goring.
   Rent:  £150 p.a.

E1/2/1D/33     Ctpt/Lease for 14 years               10 Oct 1843
     1.   Henry Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   Thomas Hewett of Goring, farmer
  Elvenden Farmhouse, etc (2a.0r.13p.) Ashen Grove
(24a.2r.7p.); Old Elvenden Ground (6a.2r.1p.); Common Barn
Ground (Great Waterperrys) (13a.3r.11p.) Little Heath Ground
(5a.0r.10p.); Further Rockshill  (14a.0r.20p.); Long Rockshill
(8a.3r.4p.); Whitehill (40a.3r.37p.) Whitehill Whaws
(2a.0r.29p.); all situate at or near Elvenden, in Goring.    
Rent:  £88-10-0 p.a.

E1/2/1D/34     Lease for 14 years (with              10 Oct 1843
               surrender endorsed)
  As Cat. no. E1/2/1D/33

MANORS OF GORING     E1/3/1D/1-22

E1/3/1D/1 Feoffment                              8 Jun 1654
     1a.  Robert Calton of Goringe (Goring), esq
      b.  Paul Calton of Goring, esq, sonne and heire apparent of 1a.
     2.   William Chilcott of Isleworth, Midlesex
  Mannor of Goringe, with capitall messuage, with famouse and
buildings and appurtenances; Hoppyard and pasture ground called
Covent garden; meadow called Picked meade (9 acres); meadow
called Lagmans meade (5+ acres); 4 acres of meadow in Common
fields of Goringe; Messuage, watermill and mill house called the
eights, with Ferry; 300 acres of arrable in Goringe and
Southstoke; 4 messuages 60 acres of woodground; yearly rent of
£20 from Nettlebed Manor.
     Consideration:  £4,220

E1/3/1D/2 Bond for £200                          3 Sep 1663
     1a.  William Chilcott of Isleworth, Middlesex, esq
      b.  William Chicott, esq, son and heir apparent of 1a.
     2.   Richard Fletcher of Ashford, Kent, gent
  Manor of Goreing with appertenances and all
messuages, lands, etc., bargained and sold on this date.
  Consideration:  £200

E1/3/1D/3 Feoffment                             10 May 1664
     1.   Richard Fletcher of Ashford, Kent, gent.
     2.   Walter Blount of Mapledurham, esq.
  Mannor of Goreing; 3 messuages; leasehold messuages,
lands etc, appertaining to the manor of Goring, in parishes of
Goreing, Gatehampton, Southstoke.
  Consideration:  £350

E1/3/1D/4 Agreement for Sale                    23 May 1666
     1a.  Walter Blount of Maple Durham, esq
      b.  Richard Fletcher of Maple Durham, esq.
      c.  Edward Hutton of Cliffords Inne, gent.
  Mannor of Goreing with all appertenances.
  Consideration:  £50

E1/3/1D/5 Feoffment                             23 Aug 1666
     1a.  Walter Blount of Mapledurham, esq
      b.  Richard Fletcher of Mapledurham, gent
     2.   Edward Hutton of Cliffords Inne, gent
  Mannor of Goreing (Priory) with 3 messuages and
leasehold messuages and lands appertaining in Goreing,
Gatehampton and Southstoke.
   Consideration:   £420.

E1/3/1D/6 Mortgage by way of Demise           21 Jan 1666/7
          for 99 years
     1.   Edward Hutton of Clifords Inn, gent
     2.   Francis Hungerford of Reading, doctor in Phisicke
  Mannor of Goreing (Priory); 3 messuages; Leasehold messuages,
lands etc. in Goreing, Gatehampton, Southstoake.
  Consideration:  £100

E1/3/1D/7 Copy/Depositions                             1685
     1.   Browne
     2.   Lybbe
  Suit in Chancery, Browne v. Lybbe.
  Copy on the depositions of the witnesses in a suit in
Chancery, Lybbe  v. Stonor, respecting the boundaries of the
Manors of Goring, Priory, and Elvendon.  5th April (1671).

E1/3/1D/8 Copy/Depositions                             1686
  Depositions of witnesses in suit of Anthony Lybbe v. Thomas
Stonor re. the bounds of several manors of Goring.

E1/3/1D/9 Court Papers                                 1686
     1.   Richard Browne
     2.   Richard Libb
  Draft/Brief, Declaration of Ejectment, notes etc. in the case
Browne v Libb. 1 messuage, 2 acres meadow, 2 orchards, 2 acres
parture, 2 acres land in Goreing.

E1/3/1D/10     Brief                               21 Feb 1685/6
     1.   Richard Browne, plantiff.
     2.   Richard Lybbe, deft.
  Brief for the deft. in suit Browne v Lybbe, regarding the
boundaries  of the manors of Goring and Goring Priory.

E1/3/1D/11     Brief                               27 Feb 1685/6
     1.   Richard Browne, plt.
     2.   Richard Lybbe, esq., deft.                            
       Suite Browne v. Lybbe as to Manorial Rights over Goring

E1/3/1D/12     Articles of Agreement                 29 Apr 1690
     1.   Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq., sonne and
            heire of Anthony Lybbe, dec’d.
     2.   Edward Hutton of Reading, gent.
     3.   Mary Hutton, spinster only childe living of 2.
            by Mary his late wife, who was the 2nd daughter
            of the sd Anthony Libbe and sister of 1.
  Agreement for payment by 1. to 2. of debts amounting to
£1,787-8-0d with interest.
  Agrement for conveyance to 1. of all 2‘s right, title,
interest in the  Manor and Lands called the Pryory in Goring.

E1/3/1D/13     Feoffment                            24 Oct 1691
     1.   Edward Hutton of Inner Temple and Reading, gent.
     2.   Richard Lybbe of Hardwick, esq., sonne and heire
            of  Anthony  Lybbe, dec’d.
  Mannor of Goring (priory) with 3 messuages, leasehold on
Coppyhold messuages and all premises apperaining in Goring,
Gateampton, Southstoake.

E1/3/1D/14     Copy/Feoffment                        24 Oct 1691
     1.   Edward Hutton of Inner Temple, now of Reading, gent
     2.   Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq
  Manor of Goring (Goring  Priory) with appertenances; 3
messuages; Leasehold messuages etc., in Goring, Gatehampton,
and Southstoke.

E1/3/1D/15     Mortgage for 500 years                 2 May 1711
     1.   Edward Henderson the elder of Goring, surgeon
            son and  heir  of  Robert Henderson late of
            Goring, doctor in divinity dec’d and
          Edward  Henderson,  the younger of Goring mealeman.
     2.   Anne Smith of Reading, Co Berks widow,
  Capital messuage or chief mansion house called Goring manor
house in Goring (boundaries given) and all barns, stables,
outhouses etc, which premises were lately parcel of the
demeasnes of the manor of Goring.
  Consideration:  £60

E1/3/1D/16     Further charge                         2 Aug 1712
     1a. Edward Henderson the Elder of Goreing, surgeon
      b. Edward Henderson the  younger of Goreing mealman son
          and heir apparent of 1a.
     2.  Anne Smith of Reading, widdow
  Mansion House called Goreing mannor house, with all
  Consideration:   £40

E1/3/1D/17     Assignment of Mortgage and            21 May 1719
     Further Charge
     1.   John Lawrence of Wokingham, Berks, Baker
     2a.  Edward Henderson of Bradfield, Berks, Mealman
      b.  Mary, wife of 2a.
     3.   Edward Cartwright of Caversham, Miller
     4.   Joseph Heycock of Reading, Apothecary
  Goreing Mannor House
  Consideration;  £100.   £150.

E1/3/1D/18     Assignment of Mortgage for            21 May 1719
               residue of term of 500 years
               with a covenant to levy a fine
    1.   John Lawrence of Wokingham, Co Berks baker
    2.   Edward Henderson of Bradfield, Co Berks mealman and
         Mary  his wife.
    3.   Edward Cartwright of Caversham, Co Oxan, Miller
    4.   Joseph Heycock of Reading, Co Berks, apothecary
  Capital messuage or chief mansion house called
Goring Manor House being in Goring and all buildings pertaining
late parcel of the demeagnes of the Manor of Goring
  Consideration:  £100 + further £150.

E1/3/1D/19     Declarations                          20 Apr 1724
     1.   Thomas Avery
     2.   John French
     3.   Jeffery Avery
     4.   Francis Slaughter
     5.   Henry Smith
     6.   John Allom
   Concerning the boundary of Richard Lybbe’s and Mr Stonor’s
manors on Goreing Heath.

E1/3/1D/20     Release (following Lease for        12 Mar 1733/4
               a year)
      1a.  Edward Henderson of Streatley, Berks mealman
       b.  Joseph Heycock of Reading, apothecary
      2.   Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
  Goreing Mannor House, with Barns, Stables, etc, and all
messuages, lands etc, belonging.
  Consideration:  £250.  £50.  5/-

E1/3/1D/21     Lease for a year                    11 May 1733/4
          As cat. no. E1/3/1D/20

E1/3/1D/22     Land Tax Redemption Certificate        3 Apr 1841
     1a.  Edward Saurein, esq
      b.  Henry Seymour Montagu, esq
            (1a and b Commissioners for the Redemption of Land Tax)
     2.   Henry Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
  Manor of Goring and lands; Hawe Farm and lands and
Cottages; Quernes farm and lands; Sandhills etc; Manor of
Elvenden; Elvendon farm; Beech Farm etc; all being in Goring.
  Consideration:  £1,906-4-2d

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